• Dividing Assets in an Oregon Divorce: Part 1

    … Dividing Assets in an Oregon Divorce: Part 1 December 29, 2016 by BrasierLaw Dividing Assets is one of the major obstacles in an Oregon divorce. In Oregon, assets are almost always divided evenly, but that means different things depending on the stage of life and length of your marriage. This article covers dividing assets as you approach…

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  • Parenting Plans While a Baby is Breastfeeding

    … Parenting Plans While a Baby is Breastfeeding December 8, 2016 by BrasierLaw When parents decide they need to get a divorce during the very first few months of a child’s life there can be some unique questions that come up. The two biggest of these questions are what happens when the infant is breastfeeding and how is this handled…

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  • Oregon Divorce Mediation: A Method for Keeping Your Case Out of Court

    … by at least consulting with a lawyer to find out what your rights are, then if you and your spouse are motivated, try mediation. You can even go to mediation with your attorney so you are sure you are receiving the best possible advice to resolve your divorce or custody case. You may be thinking do I need a family law attorney to help me through my…

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  • Three Non-court Solutions to an Oregon Divorce

    …. If you choose this route you may find our article Do I need a family law attorney for my mediation? helpful. 3. Attorney Negotiation. When you shop for an Oregon family law attorney, be sure to find someone who is focused on negotiation first, and trial as a last resort. Some attorneys are overly aggressive, and will push you towards trial…

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  • Portland Divorce: What Divorce Professionals Might I Need?

    … Portland Divorce: What Divorce Professionals Might I Need? August 4, 2016 by BrasierLaw Sometimes when going through a divorce or custody case, people might need to work with more professionals than just their attorney. This article briefly touches on some of the commonly used resources divorcing couples use, and gives some recommendations…

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  • Can I Avoid Court For my Divorce or Custody Case?

    … your starting paperwork is done, the parties typically engage in a process of negotiation. This is far more successful when both sides have an family law attorney. The attorneys can guide both sides back from their wish list, closer to a more reasonable middle ground. At any point, if the parties are able to reach an agreement on the disputed issues…

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  • Legal Separation versus Divorce in Oregon

    … for the parties involved with the main difference being the flexibility to return to the marriage in the case of a legal separation. We hope that we have given you enough information to understand the differences between divorce and separation in Oregon. We believe better understanding can help you can have a good conversation with your family law…

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  • I’m Getting a Divorce, What do I do Next?

    … I’m Getting a Divorce, What do I do Next? May 5, 2016 by BrasierLaw So you’ve decided you are getting a divorce and now you may be wondering, what do I do next? There are a lot of choices you have for what order to do things in now that you have decided to get a divorce. Depending on your personality, the first step might be to throw a party…

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  • Do I Need a Family Law Attorney for my Mediation

    … together this type of plan to set yourself up for the best possible outcome from your mediation. It is a good idea to have an attorney ready to finalize the paperwork with the terms both parties have agreed to in mediation. An experienced family law attorney is better equipped to understand how wording can effect future disputes and can ensure paperwork…

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  • Differences Between Virginia Civilian And Military Divorces

    … If you are one of the more than 1.3 million active duty[1] American military personnel stationed around the world, or if you are married to someone who is, there are family and divorce issues that are specific to military families that do not apply to a civilian marriage. When one spouse is an active service member it affects where a divorce can…

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  • Guide to Oregon and Washington Divorce Part IV: Getting a Divorce

    … divorce rather than some of the alternatives. It is a very low stress, inexpensive solution that we offer to residents of Oregon and Washington living both near and far from the greater Portland and South West Washington areas. We hope that this series has provided a guide to help you through the beginning stages of getting a divorce in either…

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  • Guidebook to Divorce Part 3: Who do I Hire to Do My Divorce?

    …, and opportunity to negotiate they will have. Tom Brasier is an experienced divorce and custody attorney for Brasier Law a family law firm based in Portland, Oregon and serving the greater Portland areas as well as Southwest Washington. You can contact Tom Brasier at 1 (503) 855-4777 for a free consultation concerning divorce, custody, and other family law matters. …

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  • Preparing to Get a Divorce in Oregon or Washington

    … your role as a parent. The more involved you are with the kids for the months or years before a divorce, the better position you will be in to establish a favorable parenting plan. 2. Who is the primary earner? When the two spouses earn a different amount of money, the higher earner often has to pay spousal support (other states call this alimony…

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  • The Divorce Process: A Guide to Divorce in Oregon and Washington

    … The Divorce Process: A Guide to Divorce in Oregon and Washington March 3, 2016 by BrasierLaw A Four Part Guide to Divorce in Oregon or Washington Divorces, like many major changes, are better thought of as a process rather than an event. When people get married, the expectation of course is that this will be a life long relationship. It takes…

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  • Top 5 Secrets to a Successful Divorce Trial

    … Top 5 Secrets to a Successful Divorce Trial January 28, 2016 by BrasierLaw When seeking a divorce, be it in Portland, Oregon, Clark County, Washington or beyond, both parties want to come out with the best outcome possible. In many cases the parties are able to negotiate a settlement either through an uncontested divorce, a contested…

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