• Medfield Divorce Lawyer attends Family Law Conference

    “I highly recommend Stephen McDonough. I worked with Stephen McDonough for my divorce mediation and was completely satisfied. He clearly explained the process from start to finish, but kept it from feeling overwhelming by focusing on one step at a time. He was always professional, but at the same time his sense of humor and easy manner kept the atmosphere as light and comforta ...

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  • Do Expensive Weddings Have Higher Divorce Rates?

    According to a study by Emory University, expensive weddings have a higher likelihood of ending in divorce. While this could be good news for couples that opted to save money on their wedding plans, it might not be good news for the ones who splurged on extravagant ceremonies. The study involved the results of a 5-minute Internet survey, which was filled out by 3,370 United States citizens.

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    • Divorce Can Tragically End Your Biglaw Practice

      Michael Allen Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Michael Allen is Managing Principal at Lateral Link, focusing exclusively on partner placements with Am Law 200 clients. When an Am Law 50 partner filed for divorce in 2010, she had no idea she was ending not only her marriage, but also her tenure as a Biglaw partner.
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    • The Mediation Process

      … Mediation is a smart option for people who are not yet ready to file for divorce or say goodbye to their marriage. When a couple chooses mediation, they come together to select a neutral, trained mediator who is equipped to facilitate their discussions towards resolution of any number of family law issues. In many cases, people choose to use…

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    • Divorce Classes

      … Divorce Classes We have court-ordered parenting classes for people going through divorce in Maryland, but Oklahoma is trying something different. Their classes will discuss divorce and emphasize reconciliation in an attempt to convince people to stay married. State Senator Rob Standridge, who sponsored the new law, says not every marriage can…

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    • Divorce Quotes

      … Divorce Quotes “Basically it costs as much to get unmarried as it does to get married.” Bruce Cameron, Cameron Law PLLC, The Huffington Post Bruce Cameron of Cameron Law PLLC tells The Huffington Post the generally accepted figure for a divorce is anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000. “Basically it costs as much to get unmarried as it does to get…

    • Divorce Tensions Turn Tragic for Florida Family

      … of night and even on weekends or holidays. An attorney will know how to contact a judge during work hours or off-hours to help you. How a lawyer can help If you have experienced or fear you or your children are in danger of domestic violence, you should contact the authorities as soon as possible. You should also contact Boca Raton family law attorney…

    • The Illinois Domestic Violence Act

      … In early October, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn announced that the local government would make a capital investment of $1 million into building a shelter for victims of domestic violence. According to eNews Park Forest, the governor stated that he wanted to ensure that people affected by the crime have somewhere to go. The governor went on to say…

    • Boilerplate Provisions in Virginia Separation Agreements

      …; Omissions; and Headings and whether or not they shall be considered in the interpretation of the Agreement’s provisions. In conclusion, there are two lessons you should take away from this reading: (1) do not draft your own separation agreement or, if you do, have an experienced family law attorney review it before you sign; and (2) ask…

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    • Should I Use an Expert to help with my Divorce?

      … It is common in contested divorce cases for one or both parties to hire a family law attorney. Divorce attorneys are experts in the law; however, they are not all necessarily experts in specialized areas that some divorces involve. Throughout San Diego County there are a variety of experts who work with family law attorneys to help clients…

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    • Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

      … Most people who are considering divorce will have thousands of questions running through their minds. They will have a lot of fear, stress and worry, as well. This is normal, but it could make it hard for individuals to know whether divorce is actually right for them. According to Dr. Phil, though, by focusing on some specific questions…

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