• Professor Dan Markel: Some Personal Recollections

    What do friends and for ...

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  • A Prominent Law Professor Is Shot At Home And Killed

    Professor Dan Markel of Florida State University College of Law, a well-known legal academic and law blogger, was shot in his home on Friday. He died of his wounds on Saturday. He was 41. We noted the news in Morning Docket and followed the news over the weekend on our Twitter feed.

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    • Florida Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce

      While for many couples obtaining a divorce is a contentious and emotionally charged affair, some people who decide to end their marriage are able to work together to ensure that each party receives a fair outcome. For couples in this situation, collaborative or cooperative divorce may be an option.
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    • The Two Paths of Divorce in Mississippi

      Over the past decade, I have assisted hundreds of people with divorce and divorce-related issues in Mississippi. As we have briefly discussed in previous posts, there are two ways to obtain a divorce in the State of Mississippi: (1) an Irreconcilable Differences Divorce ("ID Divorce") and (2) a contested or "Fault Based" divorce.
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    • How Long Must I Wait?

      …How Long Do I Have to Wait to Get a Divorce in Colorado? In Colorado, at least one spouse or partner in a civil union must be domiciled in Colorado for a minimum of 91 days prior to filing for a divorce. In addition, the soonest a divorce decree (the actual order of dissolution of marriage) is 91 additional days. The time requirements are often…

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    • When Is My Support Payment Due?

      …One of the first hurdles to overcome in the beginning of any contentious divorce case is to determine how much support is owed from one spouse to another, if any. Many times, a dispute over the proper support amount lands the parties in court for a short hearing at the outset of the case. After a month or two of crunching numbers and producing…

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    • David Duchovny and Tea Leoni finalize Divorce

      …The Marriage is finally over for David Duchovny and Tea Leoni. The "Californication" star and "Deep Impact" actress have divorced, according to several reports. Duchovny, 54, is said to have filed for divorce back in June, and the New Yorkers settled the terms of the split themselves, TMZ reported. He cited an "irretrievable breakdown…

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    • Watch what you say, especially in front of your children.

      …When you are involved in family law litigation, whether it be a divorce or custody litigation, it is more likely than not that heightened emotions will arise. Feelings of betrayal, hurt, anger and frustration toward the other party are strong and common. It is important to discuss these feelings, but it is more important to share these feelings…

    • Court must account for all property in Missouri divorce

      …Recent case: Party to Missouri divorce cannot appeal until all claims addressed Wife appeals the circuit court’s judgment dissolving her marriage to Husband. Wife contends that the court erred in failing the distribute a marital pension/retirement plan. The Judgment was silent regarding the retirement plan, and there was no evidence in the record…

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    • Florida Bar Family Law Section Moves To File Brief In Same Sex Divorce Appeal

      … The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar, representing over 4,000 attorneys and affiliate members, has decided to file a brief in a divorce appeal in favor of the right of same sex spouses in Florida to divorce.  The Family Law Section is joined by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (“AAML”) in what is believed to be the first same sex…

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    • Prepare for Divorce

      … Like anything else in life, things usually go better when we prepare for them. Not everyone can prepare for a divorce, sometimes it just comes at us when we least expect it. But if a divorce is something you are contemplating, taking the time to prepare for a divorce, and thinking about how to broach the subject with your spouse can have…

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    • Violations of Temporary Orders, What Are Your Options?

      … If you have a current pending divorce or suit affecting the parent-child relationship then you most likely have temporary orders in place.  If not, in most family law cases you do want to ensure that you have temporary orders granted by the Court so that you know what you should and should not be doing while the case is pending…

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    • Limited Assistance Representation

      … Looking for legal help for your Massachusetts divorce or other matter, but have a tight budget? If your budget is tight, Limited Assistance Representation can provide you with help on certain portions of your case. Hiring a lawyer that meets the standards to represent you in a limited fashion through the LAR program may be your best choice…

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    • Conciliation in Massachusetts

      … the Massachusetts divorce mediation process. Volunteer lawyers who have agreed to serve as conciliators, staff the court-based programs.  The programs are administered through  a partnership between the local bar associations and the courts.  Time is limited in the court-based program to two hours.  Some counties charge a nominal administrative fee…

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    • California Court May Award Attorney Fees in Divorce Cases

      …The California Family Code strives to create an even playing field for spouses who are going through divorce proceedings. One significant matter concerns the ability of each spouse to be represented by an attorney. In many cases, one party earns a larger income than the other and can afford to pay for legal representation, while the other may…

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    • Equitable Distribution & Property Division in Mississippi

      … Along with custody disputes, the division of marital property is often a source of contention for many couples seeking divorce. Depending on the duration of the marriage, the amount of property acquired will fluctuate. But generally, the longer the marriage, the more property or "stuff" is acquired. One of the most common questions I get when…

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