• Florida Collaborative and Cooperative Divorce

    While for many couples obtaining a divorce is a contentious and emotionally charged affair, some people who decide to end their marriage are able to work together to ensure that each party receives a fair outcome. For couples in this situation, collaborative or cooperative divorce may be an option.

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  • Attorney General Abbott asks appellate court to reinstate gay marriage ban

    Last Wednesday the state’s newspapers (including our own Fort Worth Star Telegram) reported on Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s appellate brief before the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals regarding the Texas ban on gay marriage.

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    • The Two Paths of Divorce in Mississippi

      Over the past decade, I have assisted hundreds of people with divorce and divorce-related issues in Mississippi. As we have briefly discussed in previous posts, there are two ways to obtain a divorce in the State of Mississippi: (1) an Irreconcilable Differences Divorce ("ID Divorce") and (2) a contested or "Fault Based" divorce.
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    • ChildCustody

      Child Custody in Alabama In Alabama, there are generally two different types of custody, legal custody and physical custody ...
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    • Who pays for college?

      It's back to school season again! Every new school year begins with hopes and dreams. Are you planning for your child to go to college? What would happen if you and your spouse split? Could you still afford it? Would the other parent contribute to costs. Some states have laws which require divorced parents to contribute to their child's higher education.
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    The latest about Divorce

    • Pamela Anderson calls off Divorce

      …Pamela Anderson is dismissing her Divorce Petition against Rick Salomon. If the divorce had gone through completion, it would have been the 47-year-old's second split with Salomon, 46, whom she wed for a second time Jan. 9. Their two-month 2007 marriage was annulled in 2008. Anderson is also divorced from musicians Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. She has…

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    • What are requests for admission?

      … such as divorces and child custody suits.The purpose of requests for admission are to narrow the focus of the trial by determining what facts and issues are disputed. Requests for admission can ask parties to admit to factual statements, verify the authenticity of a document, admit a signature on a document belongs to a party, and certain admissions on legal…

    • Divorce Selfies

      …Divorce Selfies Chris Gayomali reports that, shortly after their divorce, Keith Hinson and Michelle Knight of Florida took a picture of themselves, smiling and holding their divorce decree outside the courtroom. They posted it to Instagram with the caption, “We are officially un-married. Here’s to the most friendly, respectful, and loving split…

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    • Does a Stepparent Have Visitation Rights?

      …, the woman decides to get a divorce and wants to cut all ties with her former spouse. The stepfather wants to seek visitation rights of the child he has considered to be his own for many years. With the constant blending of families in recent decades, a stepparent’s right to visitation with a stepchild is a common issue that arises in divorce cases…

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    • Equitable Reimbursement in Texas

      … for reimbursement of $50,000.00 but your spouse can claim an offset if they purchased something for you with a portion of those funds (i.e. a car or paid off some debt). We have several cases involving claims of reimbursement in Kaufman County. It is a normal occurrence in divorces, especially if people have separate property coming into the marriage…

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    • Resources for helping your children through divorce

      …If you are planning to divorce, as a parent you have many concerns, the first of which may be how to tell your children. If you are in counseling, your therapist may have several suggestions for sharing the news with your children and preparing them for the transition during and after the divorce. You may also want to consider working…

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    • FTC Joins Local Jurisdictions to Fight Mortgage Relief Fraud

      …There's a familiar saying that goes something like this: If it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true. Said another way, if it's too good to be true, it must be a scam. Scams come in various forms. There are the solicitations promising to reduce your property taxes - if you pay a fee in advance - that arrive in envelopes…

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    • Planning for a QDRO in your divorce

      …During the asset division in a Texas divorce, an employer-sponsored retirement plan may be subject to the property division. Texas follows the community property rules, which distinguishes between property acquired during the marriage as marital property (community property) from property acquired before the marriage or during the marriage…

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    • How do I make our divorce easier on the kids

      …Going through a divorce is hard on all members of a family, and no parent is expected to know the best way to navigate the process. This article from the National Association of School Psychologists has some great information and practical advice about different ways that divorce may impact your children and how to support your children during…

    • Florida Family Law: Mandatory Disclosure

      …When you file and serve a petition in a Florida family law case that involves financial issues such as child support, alimony, or the division of property in debts, a clock starts ticking. Within 45 days of the initial pleadings being served on the respondent, each party is required to provide the other party with a whole host of financial…

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