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  • Philadelphia Car Accident Attorneys Talk about Eating While Driving

    … a manual distraction. In addition, people tend to look at their food while they are eating it, which means that eating and driving requires drivers to take their eyes off of the road, making it a visual distraction. Finally, eating can be a cognitive distraction, because it requires drivers to pay attention to something other than the road. Distracted…

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  • Distracted Driving and Smartphones: How to Protect Yourself

    … to assist testimony if your case goes to trial. Next, if you believe there is a chance you sustained any type of injury, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible following the crash. It is usually a good idea to visit an emergency department straight from the accident scene. This ensures that your injuries are properly diagnosed…

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  • Can Social Media Companies be Liable for Distracted Driving?

    … Distracted driving is an epidemic in the United States, in part due to the rise of smartphones and mobile apps. We are constantly connected to our friends and family, our email, and our social media accounts and this constant connectivity brings about a sense of urgency for many people when it comes to communication. For example, when someone…

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  • Are Auto-Drive Cars Safe? MO Car Accident Lawyers

    … have killed him. On the flip side, the driver of a 2015 Tesla Model S left the vehicle in Autopilot and was killed when it allegedly failed to brake and collided with a tractor-trailer in Florida. Those who say auto-drive cars cause accidents might argue that the Missouri man put others at risk by allowing the car to drive itself while he…

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  • Distracted Driving Accidents

    …Statistically speaking, one out of every five car accidents is caused by a distracted driver. If you’ve been hurt in a car accident involving a driver who was distracted at the time (including texting while driving), call our Dallas car accident lawyers today at 1-877-405-4313 for free information on your legal options, and how we can help…

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  • MO Car Accident Frequently Asked Questions

    …, professional legal representation you deserve at a time when you need it most. Call or contact our office online today to schedule a free consultation. For more information, use these resources: WHAT TO DO AFTER A CAR ACCIDENT CAR ACCIDENT INJURIES CAR ACCIDENT FAQS ILLINOIS CAR ACCIDENT DISTRACTED DRIVING ACCIDENTS ROLLOVER…

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  • Top 5 St. Louis Car Accident FAQs

    … or property damages of more than $500, you should: Pull over immediately, being careful to avoid blocking traffic if possible. Notify local law enforcement or the Missouri Highway Patrol. Exchange information with other drivers, including contact information, driver’s license and vehicle registration identification, and insurance company names…

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  • Eliminating Car Accident Deaths By 2040

    … awareness about the dangers of distracted driving. From there, it is hoped that technological advancements will make a significant impact. The introduction of self-driving cars is expected to make roadways much safer, as human error will be taken out of the equation. Self-driving passenger vehicles are currently being developed by numerous automakers…

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