Major depressive disorder (MDD) (also known as clinical depression, major depression, unipolar depression, or unipolar disorder; or as recurrent depression in the case of repeated episodes) is a mental disorder characterized by a pervasive and persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self-esteem and by a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. This cluster of symptoms (syndrome) was named, described and classified as one of the mood disorders in the 1980 edition of the American Psychiatric Association's diagnostic manual. The term "depression" is ambiguous.
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    • Gynecomastia Caused by Risperdal

      Have you or your child suffered male breast enlargement caused by the use of Risperdal or other medications? While gynecomastia can occur due to a number of reasons, the condition is most-commonly associated with the use of the antipsychotic drug Risperdal. The condition develops due to a hormone imbalance, which has resulted in several lawsuits against the drugmaker.

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  • Gynecomastia Caused by Risperdal

    … of lawsuits related to the use of Risperdal, including a whopping $2.2 billion settlement in 2013 with the U.S. Department of Justice related to fraudulent advertising, the payment of illegal kickbacks to doctors for prescribing Risperdal, and understating the side effects to consumers. Risperdal and gynecomastia. Risperdal works on the brain’s…

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  • Lawyers and Depression

    …% with anxiety, and 23% with stress. You can read or download the entire 73-page report here. Depression is so common among attorneys that New York lawyer Dan Lukasik has devoted an entire website to it since 2007. A recent article began with an excellent question, “How do lawyers know if they are depressed because they don’t like practicing law…

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  • Probation Violations: What Happens When You Break the Rules

    … to pay additional fines. The additional payment may be to the court or to the victim in the case. If a person has emotional or mental problems causing them to violate probation such as bi-polar depression, the probation officer may order counseling. Counseling is ordered to work on the underlying mental or emotional issue causing them to violate…

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  • Disfigurement Caused by a Personal Injury

    … to lessen the psychological effects of disfigurement, including reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and prosthesis. While these types of treatment options are usually considered elective in nature, you have every right to seek the compensation necessary to make you whole. Disfigurement can have serious effects on the victim. In the early stages…

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  • Long Term Effects of a Missouri Car Accident

    … is possible. Strains, tears, and sprains of muscles, tendons, and ligaments are common facets of these wounds, and they, too, can mean expensive and lengthy, even lifelong, treatment. Head and traumatic brain injuries (or TBI): The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says TBI complications can include “changes affecting thinking…

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  • 5 Things You Should Ask Your Oregon Divorce Attorney

    … with a history of anger or depression, or perhaps taking a more active role in parenting while you wait for trial. 3. How much will this divorce case cost me? You want to budget for the whole case, not just the first payment. Usually, Oregon family law attorneys take an initial retainer, but then require more payments later. Many people only…

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  • Dallas Zoloft® Birth Defect Lawyers

    … is left untreated, your child may face complications such as seizures, organ failure, and brain hemorrhage. Babies born with persistent pulmonary hypertension may be given emergency treatment such as oxygen therapy. In addition, doctors may decide to supply them with nitric oxygen (which relaxes blood vessels to ease breathing). Lastly, they may…

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  • Legal Rights for Pregnant Workers under Federal Law

    …? If you can’t work at all and you have no paid leave, you still may be entitled to unpaid leave as an accommodation. You may also qualify for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act, which is enforced by the United States Department of Labor. More information about this law can be found at Some states and localities have…

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  • Warning Signs of Child Abuse at Daycare

    … at all times, and look for the tell-tale signs of child abuse—especially if your instincts tell you something is off. Many child abusers fly under the radar until it is far too late, and daycare workers accused of abuse often face minimal repercussions. Our law firm believes that child abusers should be held fully accountable, both criminally…

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  • Car accident injuries can have long term effects

    … Studies indicate that one-third of those individuals involved in a nonfatal accident continue to have the above mentioned symptoms of emotional trauma a year after the accident including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and phobias.2 Recovering for the long term emotional and mental injuries after a car accident should be calculated…

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  • Get Out From Under the Burden of Overwhelming Debt in 2016

    …, I can tell you that the burden caused by overwhelming debt can be just as serious a health risk as being overweight, smoking, or drinking too much. People that come to see me suffer from tremendous anxiety, depression, and a sense of helplessness. They are ashamed of the situation they are in although they are usually not at fault. People often…

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  • Nursing home abuse can be hard to spot

    … of maltreatment: physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, abandonment, and financial abuse. Physical abuse is one of the most common forms of elder abuse and includes any intentional infliction of pain such as through slapping or grabbing, but also restraint through physical or chemical means.6 One of the other leading forms of elder abuse…

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