In the administrative divisions of France, the department (French: département, pronounced: [depaʁtəmɑ̃]) is one of the three levels of government below the national level ("territorial collectivities"), between the region and the commune. There are 96 departments in metropolitan France and 5 overseas departments, which also are classified as regions. Departments are further subdivided into 342 arrondissements, themselves divided into cantons; the latter two have no autonomy and are used for the organisation of public services and sometimes elections.
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  • Settling a Car Accident Claim with Safeco Insurance

    … by Safeco Insurance: Failing to return an injured claimants calls. Taking months to investigate or process your claim. Shuttling claimants around from department to department. Bombarding a claimant with documentation that’s written in hard-to-understand legalese. Insinuating that you had a part to play in the accident. Insurance…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 17 readers -
  • What to do about sexual harassment at work

    … (if your employer has an HR department) whether there is an anti-harassment policy and if so, to give you a copy. If there is a policy, follow the steps in the policy. The policy should give you various options for reporting the harassment, including the option of filing a complaint. If there is no policy, talk with a supervisor. You can talk…

    Lamberton Law Firm, LLC- 13 readers -
  • Can You Collect On a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury?

    … to compensation – no matter how embarrassed you were after your fall. However, if you do need medical care and incur bills from an emergency department, urgent care, or doctor’s office, you may be able to collect for those bills under certain circumstances. Many times, we may fall out of our own clumsiness or distraction. In these cases, when no one else…

    Gabriel Levin/ 11 readers -
  • To Encrypt, Or Not To Encrypt, That Is The Question

    … in interpreting the applicable Rules of Professional Conduct. The ABA’s latest “guidance” on cybersecurity is a must read that should give pause to every lawyer, law firm IT department, and law firm manager. The cyber threat is, unfortunately, a part of our daily practice. As lawyers, we have a duty to deal with it. Top down, it is a management…

    Michael E. Mccabe Jr./ IPethics & INsights- 17 readers -
  • Texas Laws for Juvenile Crimes: Definitions and Penalties

    … a crime. During the intake process, the juvenile probation department also decides if the child will be held prior to trial. In most circumstances, the probation department presumes that the child won’t be detained before the trial date. However, if he or she meets any of the following criteria, detention is likely: The individual has a prior…

    The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 12 readers -
  • Search Engine Optimization Requires A Long-Term Commitment

    … When most law firms start spending money on search engine optimization (SEO), they both hope and expect to see results quickly. While implementing an SEO strategy does lead to immediate changes - like fresh content and better site structure organization - ever the over-achievers, lawyers generally want to see page one, result one organic search…

    Stacey Burke/ Stacey E Burke Blog- 18 readers -
  • Being Investigated by the CPS: What to Expect

    … Being Investigated by the CPS: What to Expect Posted by Matthew Sharp under Child Abuse March 1, 2017 Child Protective Services, or CPS, is a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). CPS investigates every found or unfounded claim of child abuse. A false, or unfounded, claim of child abuse occurs when someone…

    Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 19 readers -
  • Distracted Driving and Smartphones: How to Protect Yourself

    … to assist testimony if your case goes to trial. Next, if you believe there is a chance you sustained any type of injury, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible following the crash. It is usually a good idea to visit an emergency department straight from the accident scene. This ensures that your injuries are properly diagnosed…

    Gabriel Levin/ 13 readers -
  • 5 Things To Do After a Philadelphia Auto Accident

    … memory. See a Doctor If you did not need an ambulance ride, you should still head to the emergency department or schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. First, this will make sure you receive any treatment that you didn’t know you needed. Even minor injuries can escalate and have complications, so it is better to seek treatment…

    Gabriel Levin/ 12 readers -
  • Information Regarding Neck Injuries

    … in lost wages, benefits, and professional opportunities. Diagnosis and Treatment Because of the potentially serious effects of neck injuries, getting a proper diagnosis as soon as possible is critical. If needed, you should go to the emergency department or you can make an appointment with your physician, who may then refer you to a specialist. Some…

    Gabriel Levin/ 12 readers -
  • 2016 Staver Law Group National Scholarship Award Winner

    … management by earning a Master of Science degree in Environmental Health and Safety from the University of Wisconsin. In her essay below, Juliana not only demonstrates how personal injury lawyers play a role in leading safety initiatives, but also how she promotes personal and community safety in her everyday life. Congratulations, Juliana, on your…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 26 readers -
  • What Happens When Someone Drops Charges Against You?

    …, trafficking in persons, leaving the scene of an accident with fatality 10 years: crime against elderly or disabled, arson, compelling prostitution 7 years: most financial crimes and identity theft 2 years: misdemeanors Is It Possible to Sue Someone Who Made a False Accusation Against Me? Judges and prosecuting attorneys, as well as their staffs and police…

    Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 24 readers -
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