Death Penalty

Capital punishment or the death penalty is a legal process whereby a person is put to death by the state as a punishment for a crime. The judicial decree that someone be punished in this manner is a death sentence, while the actual enforcement is an execution. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as capital crimes or capital offenses. The term capital originates from the Latin capitalis, literally "regarding the head" (referring to execution by beheading).Capital punishment has, in the past, been practiced by most societies, as a punishment for criminals, and political or religious dissidents.
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  • Degrees of Felonies and the Consequences

    … of individuals 13 years or less; 10) arson of a habitation; and 11) aggravated assault of a public servant or peace officer. Examples of a second-degree felony include: 1) arson; 2) bribery; 3) aggravated assault; 4) bigamy; 5) evading arrest (including death of another person); 6) contact considered indecent with a child; 7) robbery; 8) manslaughter…

    The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 17 readers -
  • Degrees of Felonies and the Consequences

    …. The punishment for a capital felony crime is life in prison without parole or death. If a juvenile committed a capital felony, prosecutors may not seek the death penalty. Instead, they seek a life in prison without parole punishment. Felony in the First Degree After capital felonies, the state separate felonies into degrees. The degree range from…

    Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 15 readers -
  • What Are the Harshest Legal Punishments in Texas?

    … What Are the Harshest Legal Punishments in Texas? Posted by Matthew Sharp under Criminal Law, Criminal Sentencing February 3, 2016 Toughest Legal Punishments in Texas Texas is well-known throughout the country for taking a tough stance on crime and punishment. The Lone Star State has a well-deserved reputation for enacting severe consequences…

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  • Competing DP Referendums May Be On the Ballot in 2016

    … Lawrence Bittaker, one of over seven hundred convicted murders who might benefit at the ballot box in 2016 California voters may face competing death penalty measures on the 2016 ballot – one that aims to have those on death row executed faster and another that would scrap it for life without parole. Both initiatives would require current…

    The Devil And The Death Penalty- 19 readers -
  • Are Murder and Homicide the Same Thing?

    …, a person who makes plans to commit murder may face the most severe legal penalties, including the death penalty. Examples of planning could include studying a victim’s schedule, staking out house or luring a victim into a trap. Preparation is a clear indication of a murderous intent. If a person wants to get revenge on someone else and then goes…

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  • Why Isn’t Judge Terry Hatter Front Page News?

    … and the rule of law. There are many legal parallels to the behavior of Kim Davis and the ongoing appeal of Lawrence Bittaker. Bittaker kidnapped, raped and murdered five teenaged girls in 1979 in a fashion that the DA who prosecuted both men described as “worse than Manson.” At the time of his conviction and death sentence, Lawrence Bittaker was front-page…

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  • The Legal Future of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

    … Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to death for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. He’s the first person given a federal death sentence since Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh in 1997. The Tsarnaev decision came after the sentencing phase of the federal death penalty trial, in which 63 witnesses gave often emotional testimony over three weeks. During this phase…

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  • Boston Marathon Bomber’s Mother’s Bizarre Rant

    … department store. She currently lives in the Russian republic of Dagestan. Her daughter Ailina Tsaernaeva plead guilty to misleading a detective during a counterfeiting investigation in November, 2014 and is also currently facing a charge of aggravated harassment in Manhattan, the result of threatening a romantic rival with the phrase “I know people…

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  • Georgia Execution Stay Is Now Called a “Botched” Execution

    … punishment. Death-penalty procedures have come under increased scrutiny nationwide in recent years. A few executions have been botched, including a high profile case in Oklahoma, as some states turned to alternative drug protocols amid a nationwide shortage of traditional lethal-injection drugs. Some pharmaceutical firms have stopped selling them…

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