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Data security means protecting a database from destructive forces and the unwanted actions of unauthorized users.
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  • Stick with Security – Part 1

    …, and other highly sensitive information. The product manual and set-up wizard don’t explain these defaults and don’t make it clear to users what’s going on. The company could have reduced the possibility of unauthorized access by configuring its default settings in a more secure fashion. If you or your business have questions or concerns regarding fraud, computer law, privacy, or cybersecurity law matters, contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices. …

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  • Stick with Security: FTC Providing Insights on Data Security Practices

    … As part of its ongoing efforts to help businesses ensure they are taking reasonable steps to protect and secure consumer data, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is publishing a series of blog posts using hypothetical examples based on lessons from closed investigations, FTC law enforcement actions, and questions from businesses. These new posts…

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  • Five Simple Things Businesses Can Do to Better Secure Their Data

    … News of data security breaches at one company or another has become so common that perhaps we are becoming immune to the significant impact these breaches can have on those whose information are affected. Not only can identity theft destroy an affected individual’s credit and limit his/her future buying choices, but also it is becoming […] The post Five Simple Things Businesses Can Do to Better Secure Their Data appeared first on Privacy and IP Law Blog. …

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  • FTC takes on toothless encryption claims for dental practice software

    … On January 5, 2016, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a data security proposed settlement. When a company promises to encrypt dentists’ patient data, but fails to live up to established standards, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the FTC would bristle. A $250,000 proposed settlement with Henry Schein Practice Solutions, Inc…

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  • FTC’s $100 million settlement with LifeLock

    … into the registry of the United States District Court in Arizona. Of that total, the company may use $68 million in settling an ongoing class action lawsuit related to the conduct alleged in the FTC’s filing. But let’s be clear: That money must go directly to consumers. Not one penny can be used for administrative costs or legal fees associated with the class…

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  • The Cares of In-House Counsel

    … that their companies had experienced troubling (and expensive) data breaches in the last two years. (For more on data security news, read our sister blog, Eyes on Ecom Law) Litigation and class actions also make the list of concerns, but intellectual property disputes evidently warrant a separate and additional category of concern – perhaps…

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  • Why Privacy Policies Must be Personalized

    … The best argument for why companies should never simply copy and paste the text of another entities’ privacy policy onto their own website can be found in the recent announcement by the FTC of a settlement reached with Snapchat – relating to misrepresentations contained in the Privacy Policy, among other things. (Snapchat is not alleged…

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  • Data Breach Planning for Small Businesses

    … Many of the top stories last year related to data breach – from the Target breach during the Christmas Shopping Season (Dec. 2013: Prior Post, Small Business Magazine article; additional news coverage) to the UPS Store data breach during the summer (Aug. 21, 2014) to, more recently, the intentional hacking of Sony Pictures‘ servers (Nov. […] The post Data Breach Planning for Small Businesses appeared first on Privacy and IP Law Blog. …

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