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  • What to do when you’re terminated

    … 1. Use caution and listen Take a cautious approach to everything that you and your employer say and do about the termination. Anything your employer puts in writing about your termination and the documents you sign before leaving can have important implications for your future. If it’s important enough to be in writing, it’s important enough…

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  • Donald Trump, the FBI and pretext

    … Donald Trump claims he fired FBI Director Comey because he mishandled the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails. Yet that investigation took place and was over before Trump was elected President. To the extent Comey mishandled anything, Trump clearly knew about it on the first day he took office. Yet, he waited 108 days to fire him…

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  • Mayor Bill Peduto shows courage and leadership

    … One of the many reasons I strongly support Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto is because of his political courage and willingness to do what is right. I take the liberty of re-posting Mayor Peduto’s full Statement in Response to President Trump’s Executive Orders Regarding Immigration: “The residents of Pittsburgh stand tonight with cities all across…

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