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    • David Schmidt, Brooklyn Civil Court Judge, Allegedly Abused Secretary Sharon Sabbagh

      "[Sharon] Sabbagh complained about [Judge] Schmidt's bawdy behavior to a judge on the court's anti-discrimination panel in 2013 but got no help - and when she told the court's top judge about the harassment the judge told Schmidt and she was fired the next day, the lawsuit states." - Josh Saul, "Dirty Judge 'tormented' his secretary," New York Post, December 12, 2014. Here is the article.

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    • Cameron Shenk - If Not Mental Illness, Then What Triggered Logan Airport Antics

      The scene could have been part of a stage play about a privileged son who decides to push limits - in a bizarre way. Instead it was a real incident at Logan International Airport and the Harvard Extension student Cameron Shenk, 26, is facing serious charges. The question is what precipitated all this since his attorney, reports Jason Molinet in the New York Daily News, conte ...

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    • Brandon Marco - Another Student Tragedy At Columbia University

      Recently, at Columbia University Joshua Villa committed suicide by putting a bag over his head. Now, a second student at Columbia Brandon Marco is fighting for his life. He is 19 years old. The New York Daily News reports: "A Columbia student [Brandon Marco] believed to be high on drugs was critically injured when he apparently jummped from an eighth-floor dorm room on Monday night ...

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  • Those Hefty Associate Bonuses - Note, Base Pay Hasn't Been Raised

    … Associates at BigLaw should be pleased to receive nice-sized bonuses. For example, seven-year ones at Simpson Thacher, which represented Alibaba, got $100,000, double what was given last year. However, warns The Economist, there is no justification for even mild euphoria. Since this was configured as variable compensation, not a boost in basic…

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  • Alejandro Done - Alleged Boston Rapist Uber Driver

    … So, why isn't Uber screening its drivers for criminal records and traffic violations? The pressure to do that is escalating around the world. The latest incident, reports Janelle Lawrence in Bloomberg, has occurred in Boston. Uber driver Alejandro Done has been charged with raping a Boston female. From the media coverage, it seems that he…

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  • Terror Risk Insurance Act Not Re-Authorized - No Super Bowl?

    …. What entity will assume the liability if terrorism does occur? The NFL has gone on record as declaring the game will take place as a live event attended by spectators, as scheduled. Time will tell. The alternative is a closed event, broadcast/live-streamed only. However, that also could be off the table when one considers terrorists could pose as whatever or activate a device and that could be the end of two teams, as well as a stadium. …

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  • Rubenstein Communications Represents Sony Pictures

    … "Sony Pictures Entertainment is leaning on Rubenstein Communications as it faces the unprecedented cyber attack and publication of its internal communications and intellectual property." - Greg Hazley in Here is the coverage. Attacked from all sides, Sony Pictures needs a heavyweight in public relations. Ironically, though, one…

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  • Mom Calls C-SPAN Show to Tell Her Sons to Get Along

    … from North Carolina." Coincidentally, they are from North Carolina, and their mom's name is "Joy." But someone else was screening the calls. Another reminder that (1) there's politics, and then there's real life; and (2) your mom will always be your mom. (Trying to get this posted was also a reminder that Steve Jobs was right about Flash. Namely, it sucks.) Related Stories Okay, Somebody Did Survive Being Sucked Into a Jet Engine Ferguson Grand Jury Evidence (WARNING: NON-COMEDIC POST) You Think So? …

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  • Lawyer Peter Lattman Survives/Thrives In Media Department During NYT Cuts

    …. Is the lesson here to create a platform embedded in legal issues to catapult out of that sector entirely? The American Bar Association should invite Lattman to deliver a keynote speech on managing careers. Meanwhile he can swing by the New York State Bar Association and guide unemployed and underemployed lawyers there. …

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  • Corporate Trial Lawyers - Are They Going Way Of Dumb Phones?

    … The latest report by Citi Private Bank and Hildebrandt Consulting contains not only useful statistics but also provocative information about trends. First the key statistic those in the legal sector need to know: That's the prediction that profits will grow by 5% in 2015. That will be primarily through transactional work. That growth is uneven…

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  • Lawyers, Law Students - One Size Doesn't Fit All For Drinking Problem

    … " There is also growing recognition that alcohol problems come in wide varieties, driven by a complex mix of genetics, life experiences and differences in how the brain handles stress and seeks rewards. As a result, experts say, the most effective treatments are highly individualized." - Melinda Beck, "A Prescription to End Drinking…

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  • David Boies - Was It Bad For His Branding To Go Up Against First Amendment?

    … Lawyers, at least brandname ones such as David Boies, are supposed to select their clients carefully. Maybe Boies made a serious mistake in agreeing to represent Sony in its attempt to prevent the media from publishing content from the hacking. In The Wall Street Journal, Jacob Gershman explains in detail how that mission goes smack up against…

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