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  • Adam Levine, Former Bush White House Spokesperson, Sued by TPG Global

    … "Private equity firm TPG Global has sued its former global head of public affairs, Adam Levine, alleging in federal court that the former White House spokesman took confidential documents and threatened to disclose information to the press to harm the firm." - Greg Hazley, "Private Equity Giant Sues PR Exec Over Alleged Leak," in…

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  • Female MBAs In Finance Earn Less Than Males, Even In Same Niches

    … "In a survey of 9,965 graduating MBAs, conducted for Bloomberg BusinessWeek's 2014 business school ratings, we found a pattern of compensation inequality that was particularly pointed in financial services." - Akane Otani and Jonathan Rodkin, "Women Can't Get Equal Pay in Finance No Matter What The Do" in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, January 29, 2015…

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  • McDonald's & BigLaw - The (similar) Pickles They're In

    … The McDonald's Crash will go down in history as happening in the year 2015. Its leader Don Thompson was ousted, which was akin to John Akers' being ousted from IBM in the early 1990s. Yeah, a big bang, by any way you measure it. In Bloomberg Business Week, Susan Berfield looks at some of went wrong at McDonald's. At the top of the list she…

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  • On-Demand Economy - We're Ambivalent (That's An Understatement)

    … " ... a host of lawsuits [e.g. against Uber, Lyft, Handy and CrowdFlower], protests and forums organized by and for [on-demand] workers suggest that many flexible laborers feel less enthusiastic about the new model of work." - Lauren Weber and Rachel Emma Silverman in "On-Demand Workers: 'We Are Not Robots'" in The Wall Street Journal, January…

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  • State of the Judiciary Address to the Hawaii Legislature

    … This blog is for informational purposes only. By reading it, you and I do not form an attorney-client relationship. If you want legal advice, retain an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction. This blog is not sponsored by my firm, nor is it approved by my firm, or our clients. The opinions expressed here are my own. © 2009-2011. All rights…

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  • Kleptomnesia Or Accidental Plagiarism - No Nancy Drew Mystery

    … Is it really all that easy and excusable to borrow someone's intellectual property and not realize we are doing so? Maybe that's the new party line to defend the growing practice of sucking up memes, word coinages, sentences, paragraphs and music lyrics and not attributing them to the source. In New York Magazine, Melissa Dahl presents…

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  • Beyond Document Review - Tutoring Test-Preparation, $50 to $200 Hourly

    … Being locked out a "real" job practicing law might be a blessing. Alternates unemployed/underemployed JDs can try out include tutoring students to take standardized tests. It's essentially pressure-free, unlike laboring in BigLaw or being burdened with the responsibility of providing DUI defenses as a solo or in a SmallLaw. The compensation…

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  • That White Stuff On The Ground - Fines, Legal Liability

    … Workers who are landlords had more to worry about than just getting to work once it stopped snowing. Depending on what municipality their property is located, they had X number of hours to clear the sidewalk of snow and ice. Otherwise, as Ben Steverman details in Bloomberg Business Week, they could be fined. In Boston, that's $50 a day…

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  • That Professional Edge, Outside/Inside Law - Get (Really) Smart

    … be a liability in two months. Suppose, for example, you were a communications firm serving Sheldon Silver. Currently, you might have to figure out how to keep that under wraps. The raw necessity of having the right edge is nothing new. When media tycoon and current head of Fox Entertainment Rupert Murdoch was studying at Oxford, game theory…

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