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X-ray computed tomography (x-ray CT) is a technology that uses computer-processed x-rays to produce tomographic images (virtual 'slices') of specific areas of the scanned object, allowing the user to see what is inside it without cutting it open. Digital geometry processing is used to generate a three-dimensional image of the inside of an object from a large series of two-dimensional radiographic images taken around a single axis of rotation. Medical imaging is the most common application of x-ray CT. Its cross-sectional images are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in various medical disciplines.
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  • Frontal Lobe Brain Injuries

    … before coming up with a medical treatment plan. Due to the severity of these injuries, you may not regain full control of some of your faculties, or it may take you a long time to get back to normal. Surgery may be needed if there are bone fragments, fractures, or excessive swelling, and a surgeon may also put in a stent to deal with any subsequent…

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  • Back Pain After a Car Accident

    … accident, even if it was a minor collision, you should check-in with a medical professional. It is important to undergo diagnostic testing, x-rays, CT scans, and treatment before the condition worsens. Indicators of common auto accident-related back injuries include: Whiplash Typically happens in rear-end collisions that cause your head and body…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 37 readers -
  • Medicare Fraud – Why Kickbacks Hurt Patients

    … if she rejected his advances.” Shortly thereafter, he had sex with her. According to an investigative report from NBC News, Orr has his license back and is again practicing medicine. There are rumors, however, of a criminal investigation. For his former patients, that is probably welcome news. Like the recent case in Detroit involving the so-called…

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  • Do I Need To See A Doctor For Whiplash Injuries?

    … examination and recommendation can you receive the proper medicine, X-rays, CT scans, or other tests to determine the extent of injuries.7 Thus, due to the seriousness and consequences of car accident-related whiplash injuries, seeking medical advice is essential. Also, since whiplash injuries coincide with costly tests, treatments, and recovery…

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  • Herniated Discs – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

    … Treatment ranges from simple home remedies, like alternating heat and cold to the affected area, to surgery. Some rest is recommended, but too much rest is not good. Other possible treatments, depending on the severity of the pain, include: Medications ranging from over-the-counter pain relievers to narcotics. Specific nerve pain medications may…

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  • Tort Reform FAILS to Reduce Health Care Costs in Texas

    … that the assumption that more diligence (unnecessary CT scans, MRIs, hospital admissions, etc) by doctors who are afraid of facing a lawsuit was the reason for rising health care costs. Tort Reform & Healthcare Costs In three states where new laws were passed that made it next to impossible for patients to sue doctors for medical errors…

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  • Proving Traumatic Brain Injury in Accidents

    …, people suffering from traumatic brain injuries often appear “normal” and may show no obvious damage on traditional diagnostic tools such as regular MRIs and CT scans. Even more confusing, sometimes symptoms of these brain injuries do not appear for days or even weeks after the accident. There are still ways for experienced personal injury attorneys…

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