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  • You Have the Right to Remain Silent

    … it are either guilty of crime or commit perjury in claiming the privilege.” Ullmann v. United States, 350 U.S. 422, 426(1956). “The Fifth Amendment’s basic function[s] … is to protect innocent men … who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances. ” See Ohio v. Reiner, 532 U.S. 17, 20(2001). You Have the right to remain silent. Use it. Refuse…

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  • Marijuana DUI | Florida Law

    … to obtain a blood test in a DUI case. Florida House Bill 237 | Marijuana DUI Blood Test Florida House Bill 237 was introduced into the Florida House of Representatives by Representative Brandes on January 12, 2017. The purpose of the bill is to amend Florida Statute 316.193 by establishing a quantitative threshold of an active marijuana metabolite…

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  • Adjudication Withheld | Collateral Consequences

    … with complex sentencing issues. Mr. Dye has been able to obtain favorable sentences for clients including downward departures, alternative sentences and numerous withheld adjudications. For additional information, please contact us at: The Law Offices of Michael A. Dye, PA, 1 East Broward Boulevard #700, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301 (954)990-0525. The post Adjudication Withheld | Collateral Consequences appeared first on Fort Lauderdale Criminal Attorney | Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney. …

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  • Circumstantial Evidence

    … forensic evidence. A fingerprint at a crime scene can be very damaging evidence. DNA evidence in rape cases and murder cases. Odontological evidence was important in the trial of Ted Bundy. Odontological evidence has proven to be reliable in identifying dead bodies. Use of Circumstantial Evidence There is a widespread misconception in the general…

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  • Aggravated Battery | Felony Battery

    …Aggravated Battery v. Felony Battery Aggravated Battery vs Felony Battery Aggravated battery is always a felony, but felony battery is not always an aggravated battery. Simple battery can be charged as felony battery under certain circumstances. Battery Basics Criminal battery can be either a misdemeanor or a felony. So why would somebody get…

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  • Assault and Battery | What is the Difference?

    … in the presence of a minor is an A1 Misdemeanor as opposed to a Class 1 Misdemeanor. Ft. Lauderdale criminal attorney, Michael Dye, has extensive experience handling assault charges, battery charges and domestic violence cases in both county and circuit court. For more information concerning possession of marijuana and other drug charges, please…

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  • Decriminalization of Marijuana | Broward County

    … Decriminalization of Marijuana in Broward County, Florida On November 10, 2015, the Broward County Commissioners passed ordinance number 2015-45. The recently passed ordinance gives police officers in Broward County the discretion to issue a civil citation in lieu of a misdemeanor criminal charge for possession of less than 20 grams…

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  • Violation of Probation

    … Florida Criminal Law What Happens if I Violate Probation? Violation of probation proceedings are expedited. Nevertheless, there are several there are several stages to a violation of probation proceeding. The proceedings typically go in the following order: 1) Charges & Report; 2) Custody and Terms of Release; 3) Discovery; 4) Hearing…

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  • How Can I Drop Domestic Violence Charges?

    … Can I Drop Domestic Violence Charges? Domestic Violence Charges This question typically comes up in one of two ways. First, the victim of domestic violence will call to speak with an attorney and say that he or she does not want to press charges. Second, the defendant will call and tell the attorney that his or her significant other does…

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  • DUI Manslaughter Defense

    … Analysis of Postmortem Specimens Strict Liability vs Causation Florida had a strict liability DUI manslaughter statute until 1986. All the state needed to prove was that the defendant was driving while impaired, was involved in a car accident and somebody died as a result of the car accident. It did not matter if the defendant was at fault…

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  • Broward DUI Conviction Rate 56%


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  • Florida Sentencing Guidelines

    … be found in Florida Statute 921.0022. Section 1 is called the primary offense. The primary offense carries the most sentence points out of all charges on the scoresheet. I use a felony DUI in the example below. A fourth(4th) DUI conviction, and all subsequent DUI convictions, are 3rd degree felonies pursuant to Florida Law. Looking at section 1…

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  • Right to Trial by Combat | Bad Idea

    …, when faced with real estate closings, traffic tickets, divorce and yes criminal defense, attorneys typically hire other attorneys. There are numerous reasons why a lawyer would hire another lawyer to handle his/her case. Initially, lawyers recognize when their legal issue is outside the scope of their own expertise. However, the main reason that most…

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  • What is Flakka? | The Truth About A-PVP

    … Not Even Once Is Flakka as Dangerous as it Sounds on the News? Yes and no, but mostly yes. Let’s start with what exactly flakka is. Flakka is alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone, but let’s call it A-PVP. A-PVP is a cathinone. Flakka is a Schedule I Controlled Substance under Florida Statute Chapter 893.03 which means that there is no currently…

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