• Habeas Petition Filed at Nez Perce

    … Here are the materials in Cunningham v. Carlin (Nez Perce Tribal Court): Cunningham Habeas Petition Cunningham Habeas Affidavits and Exhibits Set 1 Cunningham Habeas Exhibits Set 2 Cunningham Habeas Exhibits Set 3 Audio files are available, too — contact Quanah Spencer Like this: Like Loading... Related…

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  • Port St. Lucie Man Accused of Stuffing Chainsaw in Shorts

    … of Florida, stealing property between $300 and $20,000 in value is classified as grand theft in the third degree. This offense is punishable by up to five years in prison and a steep fine of up to $5,000. Due to the fact that the chainsaw is valued at more than $600, the man was arrested for grand theft. If you have been arrested for a theft charge…

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  • Overall Crime Rate Down Across the State of Florida

    … for the first half of 2014, which shows there were more than 8,000 fewer crimes committed in the first six months of this year than in that same time period in 2013. However, while the number of non-violent crimes is down, including robbery, burglary and stalking, the number of murders, forcible sex offenses, aggravated assaults and domestic violence…

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  • Hawaii Appeal Bar Con Review Part II: Criminal Appeals

    … At the HSBA’s Annual Bar Convention held on October 24, 2014, the Appellate Section’s program included a criminal appeal panel comprised of former Hawaii Supreme Court Associate Justice Simeon Acoba Jr., Craig Jerome of the State of Hawaii Office of the Public Defender, and Kevin Takata of the County of Kauai Office of the Prosecutor. The panel…

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  • October 2014 Hawaii Appellate Statistic Round Up

    … Once again we round up the stats for the Hawaii appellate courts for the previous month. In the month of October 2014, 70 ( with an official count of 72, see note 1 below) decisions (in the form of opinions and orders) were issued by the courts, down from the official count of 69 in September. The following is a breakdown of how the numbers fell…

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  • South Florida Man Receives 2 Years in Prison for Unemployment Fraud

    …. Florida state law provides for strict rules and procedures when it comes to an individual’s ability to obtain unemployment benefits. What this also means is that state prosecutors are quick to jump the gun when they suspect someone is taking advantage of the system. Because prosecutors are prompt when it come to pressing criminal charges the outcomes…

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  • Hawaii Appeal Bar Con Review Part I: Insider’s View of the ICA

    … On Friday, October 24, 2014, the Hawaii State Bar Association held its Annual Bar Convention at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. The Appellate Section’s program featured Hawaii Supreme Court Justices, the Chief Judge of the Intermediate Court of Appeals, and several appellate attorneys and court staff attorneys. In part 1 of our bar convention…

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  • 13-Year-Old Jacksonville Boy Charged as Adult in Murder

    …. Police said he was shot in the head. A month later they arrested the then-12-year-old juvenile after a 16-year-old friend was charged in an armed robbery and motor vehicle theft and implicated him. A grand jury indicted the boy Thursday in the homeless man’s death allowing the adult charges to be filed by the State Attorney’s Office. Prosecutors…

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