Creditor'S Rights

  • Understanding and Perfecting Security Interests

    … and trademark rights, stock in a company, livestock, even tax refund checks. Are interests in all of these perfected the same way? No, you need to know how to perfect it correctly or else risk the fate of Tom’s brother. A licensed attorney can help you do that. Contact Stephen today for a free consultation. …

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  • Understanding Security Interests (Pt. 1)

    …. But especially in the business world, lending money and getting repaid can be two wildly different experiences. Sure, you can bring the other party to court, seek a judgment, and hopefully they pay you right away. But what if the debtor’s broke, bankrupt, or just otherwise can’t (or won’t) give you what you’re owed? Introduce/reintroduce yourself…

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  • Internet Assets and Garnishment in Minnesota

    …As a business owner in the digital age, few things are more valuable than a user-friendly website and a memorable domain name. Sure, much of their value comes from the company itself. The website, for example, wouldn’t be nearly as valuable if Apple didn’t create iPods, iPhones, and provide a digital storefront for music and movies…

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