Credit Bureaus

A credit bureau or consumer reporting agency (United States), or credit reference agency (United Kingdom) is a company that collects information from various sources and provides consumer credit information on individual consumers for a variety of uses. It is an organization providing information on individuals' borrowing and bill-paying habits. Credit information such as a person’s previous loan performance is a powerful tool to predict his future behavior. Such credit information institutions reduce the effect of asymmetric information between borrowers and lenders, and alleviate problems of adverse selection and moral hazard.
Posts about Credit Bureaus
  • Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit?

    … There are many pros and cons to filing for bankruptcy. One of the most common concerns debtors have is the impact bankruptcy will have on their future credit score. Many consumers assume that filing bankruptcy will simply ruin their credit entirely and make it impossible to ever borrow again. This is not necessarily the case. What really happens… 16 readers -
  • Steps to Take After Your Bankruptcy Discharge

    … order will be your first line of defense. If any creditor contacts you in the future, be sure to send them a copy of your discharge. Send a Copy to the Credit Bureaus Second, it is a good idea to send a copy of your bankruptcy discharge to each of the three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion). When you receive a discharge in bankruptcy…

    Nick Gajewski/ Bond and Botes- 32 readers -
  • Identity Theft Assistance

    … to the relevant recipients. If you or your business have questions or concerns regarding consumer protection, fraud, computer law, privacy, or cybersecurity law matters, contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices. Like this: Like Loading... Related …

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 20 readers -
  • Common Questions and Misconceptions About Debt Collections in Texas

    … not exist or has been forgiven. Creditors are not required to report anything to the credit bureaus (but what they report must be truthful). The dollar amount listed in a collection letter or lawsuit may not match the balance listed on the credit report. This could be because of accrued interest or late fees since the last time the creditor…

    Dove Bankruptcy Law- 15 readers -
  • Credit After Bankrutpcy Just Got a Bit Better

    …. Wiping out the debt always has a positive impact and improves credit scores. Even better is that the effect of a bankruptcy case on a credit score is usually offset by the benefit of wiping out balances owed on a credit report. What to do After Bankruptcy Send credit report update letters to your credit bureaus via Certified Mail. I’ve provided…

    Christine Kingston/ Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor- 39 readers -
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