• Gender-Based Dress Codes: Do We Need Another Law?

    … By Erin Brandt. Gender-based dress codes have lately become a “hot topic” for British Columbia’s media outlets. The recent interest flows from Green party leader Andrew Weaver’s new Bill M2** which (if enacted) Mr. Weaver says will prevent employers from requiring that female employees wear high heels in the workplace. (I myself participated…

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  • Workplace Discrimination: A Question of Power and Authority

    … Trevor Thomas, Lawyer. As we’ve discussed previously on our blog, employees are protected against workplace discrimination by section 13 of the British Columbia Human Rights Code (the Code), which states: A person must not refuse to employ or refuse to continue to employ a person, or discriminate against a person regarding employment or any…

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  • Workations: A Path Towards Sustainable Employment?

    … Erin Brandt, Contributor. Workations as a concept are nothing new. Employees, executives and business owners brought paperwork with them on holiday and maintained remote contact with the office long before we entered the Digital Age. Even the term itself has gone mainstream, as evidenced by its inclusion in the online Urban Dictionary…

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  • Probation: Why Bother?

    … that probationary periods are not helpful to either employers or employees. Furthermore, employers have a legal duty to act in good faith towards their employees, regardless of whether they are on probation. Both during the employment period (see Bhasin v. Hrynew) and at the time of dismissal (see Honda v. Keays), an employer must act in good faith, which…

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  • Flex hours: making it work for your business

    … If the number of articles published on alone is any indication, workplace flexibility is a hot topic for today’s employers. Researchers and pundits alike hail the benefits of flexible work arrangements, which include employee happiness, productivity, and engagement. In certain circumstances, such as where an employee faces health…

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  • Selling Goods Internationally and Strange Coincidences

    … in that afternoon’s blog post. The lawyer contacted me regarding a case he’s working on and wanted to get the input of someone experienced in international commercial law. Here’s a bit of the background: Client, a U.S. buyer, purchases goods from a seller in India. There’s no formal contract, just sort of a handshake agreement between…

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