Contempt Of Court

  • The Screaming Itches

    … scratching my testicles constantly if I had been here." I don't care if it's true, you need another explanation, or at least you need to phrase it differently. It is not too surprising that the district court held the attorney in contempt and sent a copy of its opinion off to the state bar. It also ordered him to pay the jury fees for that day…

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  • Order Requiring Socks

    …COMES NOW your humble correspondent and hereby gives notice of the fact that on August 25, 2014, in the matter of In re Proper Courtroom Attire, then pending in the Circuit Court of Blackford County, Indiana, Judge Dean A. Young, presiding, the aforementioned judge did issue an order regarding proper courtroom attire for male attorneys appearing…

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  • Judge Skeptical of Joe Francis's Explanation

    … until he returns the cars. A hearing is set for tomorrow on that issue, according to the WSJ. If the cars aren't back, the judge said, she will consider additional sanctions including jail time. Francis has previously claimed under oath not to know what the word "jail" means, so maybe it's time for a reminder. Related Stories Tagger Arrested for Tagging Courtroom While Awaiting Prosecution for Tagging Court to Decide Whether Guru Is Dead or Just "In Deep Meditation" Portland Pimp Has a Point (But Suit Is Still Stupid)…

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  • When judges cannot follow court orders but want others to follow their orders

    …Judges should expect their orders to be followed. So it did not surprise me when I read an article reposted in Michigan Lawyers Weekly (original article from the Daily Telegram dated July 12, 2014) about a Lenawee County Circuit Court Judge who was angry at jurors who did not follow her court order. Good for her! She should make sure potential…

    Michigan Appeals
  • Tagger Arrested for Tagging Courtroom While Awaiting Prosecution for Tagging

    …," which are then uploaded and reviewed by "trained analysts." Presumably court records are used to associate tags with particular taggers or groups, though it's not clear from the website. The service says it's primarily used by law enforcement and public-works agencies, and claims to have analyzed over 4 million photos, helped in the arrest of 3,733…

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  • Overview of the federal grand jury

    … and financial records, he can get it through a subpoena duces tecum. A subpoena duces tecum is a court order to produce records or other tangible things. Failure to obey a subpoena can result in contempt of court and possible incarceration. Trying to obtain these records through law enforcement would require a complaint for search warrant before…

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