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    • Bankruptcy “Reform” a Dozen Years Later

      Today marks the 12th anniversary of the implementation of the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA). The BAPCPA, bought and paid for by the banks and credit card companies, represented the biggest overhaul of the bankruptcy system in our country in almost 30 years.

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    • Five Steps to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

      Numbers have certainly increased during the last five years when it comes to identity theft. With the recent Equifax breach and the fallout therefrom, it is more important now than ever to be vigilant about protecting your identity and minimize the risks that you will be one of the ones injured by security breaches and the like.

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  • Fending Off Those Annoying Robo-Calls

    … Not Call list and complain to the FTC. If you have an iPhone, the app Nomorobo is available for $1.99 per month. The Android app is supposed to be coming soon. You can even protect your landline with something called Digitone Call Blocker. Another strategy to consider is legal action. A federal law known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act may…

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  • Nigerian Scams Strike Again

    … Over the years, I have talked with several people who were apparent victims of a criminal scheme to get money through deceptive means. I have heard stories of online romance that turned out to be completely false and a ploy to bilk a lonely person with access to money and/or assets. Some individuals cashed out all of their savings…

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  • Solar Eclipse Facts and Precautions

    … According to NASA, a total coast-to-coast eclipse of the sun hasn’t been seen in the U.S. in 99 years, so the Aug. 21 event will be a can’t-miss for many of us. A total solar eclipse is caused by a unique set of circumstances. Oddly enough, the sun is 400 times larger than the moon — but it’s also 400 times farther away. So when the moon’s orbit…

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  • Mississippi Payday Lender All American Check Cashing Shut Down

    … Last week, the Jackson Free Press in Jackson, Mississippi reported that Mississippi payday lender, All American Check Cashing, Inc., is in trouble again. This time, it’s with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The CFPB alleges that All American has engaged in a range of improper practices including hiding check cashing fee schedules…

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  • Need Some Extra Cash? Want to Work From Home?

    …, it may be wise to investigate with whom you want to associate. There are many articles out there about the good and bad of MLMs. Our law firm offers free, no obligation consultations. If you are in a financial crisis, contact us today to help. The post Need Some Extra Cash? Want to Work From Home? appeared first on Bond & Botes. …

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  • FCC Cracks Down on Robo-Calls

    … The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has proposed an $82 million fine against a man who has allegedly made millions of automated sales calls. The FCC has accused Philip Roesel and Best Insurance Contracts dba Wilmington Insurance Quotes, of violating the Truth in Caller ID act. According to the FCC, Roesel and his company made 21 million…

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  • Are you Getting Unwanted Calls and Texts to Your Cell Phone?

    … Is it just me or does it seem like calls to your cell phone are exploding in volume? I am probably getting five or more unsolicited and unwelcome calls each day trying to sell me items and services that I do not need nor do I want! I feel like I am under assault! Given the fact I know the law in this area, I thought I would share some ways we can…

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  • Subprime Auto Loan Crisis Looming

    … Several weeks ago, I wrote on the possibility of another subprime mortgage crisis. Now, it appears that subprime auto loan defaults are nearing crisis levels. According to a Morgan Stanley research booklet, finance providers and the consumer debt market as a whole should take note that auto delinquency and default rates are on the rise…

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  • Don’t EVER Say ‘Yes’ When You Receive a Robocall

    … a consumer alert against just such scammers. They are saying the scam is prevalent, based on complaints the agency has received and from news reports across the U.S. The fraudulent callers may impersonate familiar organizations to get you to answer and talk. Also, according to FCC chairman, Ajit Pai, “Robocalls are the number one consumer complaint…

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  • CFPB Fines Experian $3 Million for Deceiving Consumers

    … The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on Thursday fined Experian PLC $3 million, alleging that the leading credit-reporting firm misrepresented the credit scores it marketed to consumers, according to the Wall Street Journal. On Thursday, the Journal reported that the CFPB said Experian claimed the credit scores it sold to consumers were…

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  • Nation’s Top Consumer Complaints of 2016

    … Not too many would be shocked to hear that topping the nation’s list of consumer complaints during the year 2016 would be. And the Winner IS………. Illegal Debt Collection Practices Debt collection efforts by creditors and collection agencies. I’m not sure about the general public, but I can tell you from experience in representing consumers…

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