• Got War? Yoo and Stephens Rally A Coalition Of The War Willing

    Got War? Yoo and Stephens Rally A Coalition Of The War Willing 1, September 18, 2014 by jonathanturley Today I had my second debate with Berkeley Law Professor and former Bush official John Yoo. The first debate sponsored by Christopher Newport University was held in Newport News four days ago and the second was sponsored by Hillsdale College at a debate held in Washington, D.C.

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  • 9/11 and the Saudis and State Secrecy

    Respectfully submitted by Lawrence E. Rafferty (rafflaw) Weekend Contributor In light of the recently observed 13th anniversary of the events on 9/11/01, I read an article this week that caught my eye. According to reports, there is a 28 page section of the 9/11 Commission report that has never been released publicly and remains secret to this day.

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    • New Columbia: Congress Considers The Creation of America’s First City-State

      On Monday, the Senate will hold a hearing in the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs on entering a new state into the Union: New Columbia. I was asked if I could testify on S. 132 since I have written a long academic publication on the status of the District of Columbia and testified at the prior hearings on allowing for voting representation of District residents.
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    The latest about Congress

    • Americans’ Trust in Executive, Legislative Branches Down

      … to new lows this year. Americans have generally had the least trust in the legislative branch, consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, but never lower than the 28% who do so now. The prior low was the 31% measured in 2011, shortly after Congress and the president engaged in contentious debt-ceiling negotiations.”…

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    • H.R.1232 – Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act

      …H.R.1232 – Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act - Title I: Management of Information Technology Within Federal Government - (Sec. 101) Modifies the current framework governing the management of information technology (IT) within the federal government to require presidential…

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    • Got War? Yoo and Stephens Rally A Coalition Of The War Willing

      …. It is perfectly Putinesque. Like Yoo, there appears to be an effort to rally Republicans around war as politics by other means, a “just say yes to war” theme . . . and of course the equally prominent “just say no to Paul” theme. Like this: Like Loading... Posted in Congress, Constitutional Law, International, Politics | 37 Comments…

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    • High Crimes and [NFL] Misdemeanors? Members Raise Impeachment In Fuller Case

      … on the misdemeanor. Rep. Martha Roby (R., Alabama) is citing a rather novel source of extraconstitutional precedent: the NFL Ray Rice case. Roby (whose father, Joel Dubina, is a U.S. circuit court judge on senior status) is willing to allow the judiciary’s disciplinary process to play out but says that the Congress should act promptly the way…

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    • H.R. 4387, FSOC Transparency and Accountability Act

      …H.R. 4387, FSOC Transparency and Accountability Act CBO – As ordered reported by the House Committee on Financial Services on June 20, 2014 “H.R. 4387 would allow all members of the governing bodies of certain agencies that are represented on the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC)—the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC…

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    • Testimony of Nuala O’Connor on Open Internet Rules

      …Testimony of Nuala O’Connor on Open Internet Rules “CDT President & CEO testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 17, 2014. The hearing, entitled “Why Net Neutrality Matters: Protecting Consumers and Competition Through Meaningful Open internet Rules,” comes as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) works to restore open…

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    • The Seventeenth Amendment: Destroying State Sovereignty

      … for a constitutional amendment providing for direct election grew in strength. Many States had requested Congress to convene an Article V convention2 to allow the States to amend without congressional involvement. Seventeenth Amendment Proposed Though direct Senate election amendments had been proposed and passed the House of Representatives over…

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    • Are Republicans Abandoning Patent Reform?

      … Innovation Act and also IPWatchdog coverage of the Innovation Act. Of course, the Innovation Act has absolutely nothing to do with jobs, job creation, job retention or spurring the economy in any way, but save that issue for another day. Congress has now returned to Washington, DC, which may or may not be a good thing depending upon your point of view…

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