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Legal aspects of computing are related to the overlapping areas of law and computing.The first one, historically, was information technology law (or IT law). ("IT law" should not be confused with the IT aspects of law itself, although there are overlapping issues.) IT law consists of the law (statutes, regulations, and caselaw) which governs the digital dissemination of both (digitalized) information and software itself (see history of free and open-source software), and legal aspects of information technology more broadly.
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    • First Step to Starting Your Business

      Prince Law Offices, P.C. attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin will be presenting at “First Step to Starting Your Business” in cooperation with the Kutztown University of Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center. First Step to Starting Your Business (Lancaster, PA) Date:Fri, February 17, 10:30am – 12:30pm Point of Contact: Kutztown SBDC (877) 472-7232 Fee: None Locati ...

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  • Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business

    … The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has published an updated version of its Protecting Personal Information: A Guide for Business. A sound data security plan is built on 5 key principles: TAKE STOCK. Know what personal information you have in your files and on your computers. SCALE DOWN. Keep only what you need for your business. LOCK…

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 9 readers -
  • 1 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked – What You Can Do Now

    … to use a password altogether. This is the largest publicly disclosed hack ever, below is a graph fresh from an article in the Wall Street Journal that puts it in perspective. If you or your business have questions or concerns regarding fraud, computer law, privacy, or cybersecurity law matters, including assistance with policies, prevention or recovery from a ransomware attack and cybersecurity insurance or insurance claims, contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices. …

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  • FTC Offers Advice on How to Avoid and Respond to Ransomware Attacks

    … Following its recent workshop on Ransomware – malicious software that denies access to computer files until the victim pays a ransom – the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is offering tips on how consumers and businesses can protect devices and respond to ransomware. The FTC offers How to defend against ransomware to help consumers. Businesses…

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  • First Step to Starting Your Business

    … presenters include attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, financial specialists and zoning and codes staff. The workshop is designed for both entrepreneurs thinking about opening their first business and existing business owners looking for a “checkup”. Desire more specific assistance regarding your business formation, agreements, intellectual property, trademarks, zoning, real estate law, cyber security, insurance, etc., contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices, P.C. …

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  • Join Us, 04/08/2016, for Live Immigration Law Video Seminar!!

    …, Wills Estates, Family Law, and Civil Litigation. Please join me for the pilot launch of these sessions, next Friday, April 8th at 6PM, where I will be leading a 1/2 an hour discussion on Immigration Law issues related to Family Immigration benefits, including application requirements, filing fees, time-frames, and new developments in the law. The program…

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  • National Consumer Protection Week

    … Prince Law Offices, P.C. and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) — working with more than 100 federal, state and local agencies, consumer groups, and national organizations — will spotlight efforts to protect consumers from fraud, identity theft and other consumer issues during National Consumer Protection Week (NCPW), March 6-12, 2016. For 18…

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  • ASUS Settles FTC Charges Routers Put Consumers’ Privacy At Risk

    … of the consent agreement package in the Federal Register shortly. The agreement will be subject to public comment for 30 days, beginning today and continuing through March 24, 2016, after which the Commission will decide whether to make the proposed consent order final. Interested parties can submit comments electronically. If you or your business…

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  • Identity Theft Assistance

    … to the relevant recipients. If you or your business have questions or concerns regarding consumer protection, fraud, computer law, privacy, or cybersecurity law matters, contact attorney Jeffrey A. Franklin at Prince Law Offices. Like this: Like Loading... Related …

    Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 19 readers -
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