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  • St. Louis Auto Crash Attorney – Tinnitus After a Car Accident

    … develops tinnitus will have to recover medical expenses to get proper treatment and may pursue compensation for medical expenses, suffering, and reduction in quality of life. In order to recover compensation for tinnitus, you will have to prove that the onset of the condition is linked to injuries sustained in the accident. This is not always easy…

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  • What is BU08028 and What Does it Mean to Chronic Pain Sufferers?

    … by Karl Voigt In short, BU08028 is a new research drug that provides the pain relief of opiates, without their addictive effects. Trials of the drug have been conducted on rhesus monkeys with success that — it is hoped — will translate to humans. The trials, conducted at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, demonstrated a novel approach…

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  • St. Louis Automobile Crash Lawyer Explains Traumatic Anosmia

    … Compensation for Traumatic Anosmia Anosmia can lead to a permanent disability. If the injury and the disability have been caused in a car accident, especially due to the negligence of the other driver, the injured party can claim compensation. Since a loss of smell may indicate a brain injury, it increases the leverage of the settlement, entitling…

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  • Car Accident Injury Claims – St. Louis Car Crash Attorneys

    … Injuries When you have suffered significant injuries in a car accident, the insurance company understands that it is better to settle than to litigate the case. However, if there are no significant injuries, the insurance company may minimize the severity of your pain and suffering. They may offer little or no compensation. A St. Louis car crash…

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