Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted or baked seeds of several species of an evergreen shrub of the genus Coffea. The two most common sources of coffee beans are the highly regarded Coffea arabica, and the "robusta" form of the hardier Coffea canephora. The latter is resistant to the coffee leaf rust (Hemileia vastatrix), but has a more bitter taste. Coffee plants are cultivated in more than 70 countries, primarily in equatorial Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Once ripe, coffee "berries" are picked, processed and dried to yield the seeds inside.
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  • Debt Jubilee Brings End To Debt Threats

    … bankruptcy lawyer with a cup of coffee and now refers his friends to get out of debt faster because they see how happy he is and doesn’t need credit cards anymore because he has an emergency fund. *Protip: Your credit score does nothing more than tell the world how well you manage debt. Life is nothing more than the sum of every decision/choice you ever…

    Christine Kingston/ Los Angeles Bankruptcy Law Monitor- 26 readers -
  • Car Accident While Talking to Passengers

    … Accident Attorney If you were in a distracted driving accident, contact the lawyers at Staver Law Group right away. An attorney can advise you on your rights, investigate the situation, and help you determine the best course of action to recover for your property damage and injuries. Call Staver Law Group at . The post Car Accident While Talking to Passengers appeared first on Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer. …

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 21 readers -
  • Major Car Accidents on Interstates

    … Unfortunately, it isn’t unusual for the news to discuss a fatal accident on one of Illinois’ major interstates. News of a multi-care pileup or a death occurs weekly. The northern counties of the state are crisscrossed with freeways, including the ever-busy I-55, I-65, I-80, I-90, I-94, and I-290. There are at least 10 major interstates in Cook…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 30 readers -
  • Should I Settle my Burn Injury Claim?

    …Round shape skin anatomy and skin burn classification stages on a white background As with any personal injury, it’s very difficult to make an accurate prediction as to what a burn injury settlement will turn out to be. The biggest factors are the severity of the injury, the intentions of the person who caused the burns and the extent to which…

    Gabriel Levin/ 15 readers -
  • Dangerous Distractions for Truck Drivers

    … a dangerous distraction. Daydreaming – Some studies show that daydreaming can be worse than using a cellular device. Data from police reports reveal that 62 percent of drivers in fatal car crashes were generally distracted or ‘lost in thought.’ Chicago commercial vehicle operators are particularly susceptible to daydreaming when they are alone…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 35 readers -
  • Risks of Accidents Are High on Road Trips

    … for drivers to become fatigued or sleepy. If you are feeling tired, you should always pull over and rest or change drivers whenever possible. Try to keep driving shifts short so you do not lose focus. Do not rely on coffee or other energy boosters to stay awake. Instead, take plenty of time to sleep or rest in between driving shifts. Driving while…

    Gabriel Levin/ 14 readers -
  • Danger of Driving and Needing to Pee

    … excessive amounts of beverages that dehydrate you and stimulate your bladder, like caffeine in coffee or soda. Know your own habits well and how regularly you generally use the bathroom. If you feel like you need to pee, stop at the closest restroom and go before it becomes an urgent and distracting problem. If you’ve been injured by a distracted…

    Jared Staver/ Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer- 27 readers -
  • May judges do all?

    … Apparently so. Here, for example, one judge reported at length why judges have a right to laziness, sacrastic formulated. The occasion was that a chief of a court the judge complained he did not editing enough cases. No, how could she. And who wants, can read the 2nd part about it here. If that is too much: The judge was reprimanded because he…

    R24 Kooperation/ 15 readers -
  • Companies Associated with Dr. Oz Settle with FTC Over Deceptive Claims

    … show is about hope. We’ve engaged millions in programs – including programs we did with the CDC — to get folks to realize there are different ways they can rethink their future”. The product in question was a green coffee bean supplement- a weight-loss product. After The Oz Show promoted the product there was a huge surge in sales. The supplement…

    Greg Webb/ MichieHamlett- 4 readers -
  • Where DWI Laws are Heading in the Next Five Years

    … devices for more levels of DWI. Look to see the Federal Government, perhaps the NTSB to begin proposals for new anti-DWI technology on new cars. Look to the auto industry to oppose any proposal promoting such a device. Have you noticed Bob has to take a sip of coffee to start his car? As long as the school of thought that more laws will make us safer prevails, we can expect more laws every year covering DWI. The argument that legislation can’t effectively change society is a discussion for another day. …

    Tad Nelson/ Tad Nelson & Associates- 34 readers -
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