China (/ˈtʃaɪnə/; simplified Chinese: 中国; traditional Chinese: 中國; pinyin: Zhōngguó), officially the People's Republic of China (PRC), is a sovereign state located in East Asia. It is the world's most populous country, with a population of over 1.35 billion. The PRC is a single-party state governed by the Communist Party, with its seat of government in the capital city of Beijing. It exercises jurisdiction over 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, four direct-controlled municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and two mostly self-governing special administrative regions (Hong Kong and Macau).
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  • Sorry Doesn’t Have to Be the Hardest Word: BC’s Apology Act

    … report prepared by the province’s Ombudsman entitled The Power of Apology: Removing the Legal Barriers. In the report, Howard Kushner, Acting Ombudsman for the province, wrote: “In more than six years as the Ombudsman … I have observed that a sincerely offered apology will often satisfy a person who has a complaint. In her 1995 Annual Report…

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  • Cyberhacking and the FDIC (FIRREA Whistleblower Post)

    … Cyberhacking and the FDIC (FIRREA Whistleblower Post) December 25, 2016 by Brian Mahany Usually the FDIC Pursues Banks with Cybersecurity Issues… A New Report Says that this Time, It Was the FDIC that Was the Victim of Cyberhacking We post many stories about the need for banks to increase their defenses against cyberhacking. The Federal…

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  • Accounting Today

    …. “In other words, CAP reduces tax audit risk and removes the uncertainty surrounding tax positions.” If corporations will miss that, they’re only human. Tax Policy: How a recent review found that Virginia’s economic development program is “inefficient and mismanaged.” People’s Exhibit A is how the state granted $1.4 million in incentives to a Chinese…

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  • Schumer Finds False “Made in America” Goods

    … million in whistleblower awards. Recently we helped a former employee of a Wisconsin based manufacturing company that got caught mislabeling Chinese steel as made in America. The steel components were used in government building projects (federal courthouse, Miami International Airport Intermodal Facility and a VA Hospital facility). If you have inside…

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  • Whistleblower Award for Anti Dumping (Smuggling) Info

    … Electronics Importer Pays Millions to Settle Charges of Evading Customs Duties. Whistleblower Gets $480,000 Award! Congress has a long history of helping American manufacturers in their struggle against cheap foreign imports. A whistleblower with inside information about one company’s attempts to import cheap Chinese made goods and avoid…

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  • Law360

    … to receive approximately $400,000 from the civil settlement. An attorney for King, Brian H. Mahany of Mahany & Ertl LLC, told Law360 on Tuesday that the settlement appeared to be a fair one. King’s complaint alleged, among other things, that Novum used Chinese- and Italian-made materials while working on a ground transportation hub adjacent…

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  • Why is Your Snout Squealing Answered (Whistleblower Post)

    … incentive involved. As the Chinese might say, were these just rice-bowl whistleblowers?” Martin employs two investigators from the U.K. They claim that when considering what weight to give information from a “snout,” red flags go up if the “snout” is motivated by money. (The term “snout” is an English police term often used to refer…

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    … for latent defects, corrosion, faulty workmanship and pollution. Thus, the property insurance policy did not cover these items but it did cover “any ensuing loss…not excluded or excepted in this policy.” Peek dealt with homeowners moving into a house with Chinese drywall. The homeowners contended that the Chinese drywall resulted in a noxious…

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  • Shale Bonds, Oil & Gas Fraud and the $4 Trillion Hole

    … with life at $70 per barrel, even as investors dump their firms’ shares and bonds.” Guess what? Prices have dropped dramatically since then and the recent correction in the stock market and problems in the Chinese economy suggest it could be years before energy prices recover. If you purchased oil and gas partnerships or shale bonds on your own…

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  • Hong Kong the New Money Laundering Destination?

    … representative claimed that HK$120,000 “is not even enough to buy a watch.” Clearly, legislators and merchants are encouraging wealthy Chinese from the mainland to come to Hong Kong and shop. The lack of currency reporting controls, however, will also encourage money launderers and those hoping to evade taxes. As to the latter, if those would-be tax…

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