Child Pornography

Child pornography is pornography that involves a child. It may be simulated child pornography or produced with the direct involvement of the child (also known as child sexual abuse images). Abuse of the child occurs during the sexual acts which are recorded in the production of child pornography. Child pornography may use a variety of media, including writings, magazines, photos, sculpture, drawing, cartoon, painting, animation, sound recording, film, video, and video games.Laws regarding child pornography generally include sexual images involving prepubescents, pubescent or post-pubescent minors and computer-generated images that appear to involve them.
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  • Texas Computer Crimes: Laws and Regulations

    … crime can have serious consequences. For example, a conviction for Breach of Computer Security can be prosecuted as a Class C misdemeanor up to a first degree felony. This can lead to punishments ranging from a $500 fine to more than 20 years in prison. Online harassment is a Class B misdemeanor and accessing child pornography can lead to felony…

    Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 21 readers -
  • Military Members and Allegations of Child Pornography Crimes: Steps To Take

    … When people who are in the military are accused of criminal offenses related to child pornography, the consequences can be dire. Not only could they be subject to imprisonment and mandatory registration as a sex offender,1 a conviction would end their military career and significantly affect their opportunities in civilian life. It is critical…

    militarytriallawyers- 26 readers -
  • Off-Duty Misconduct – What’s an Employer to Do?

    … cause to dismiss a management employee after he was charged with possession of child pornography, and both this fact and the identity of his employer were made public. The employer argued, and the court agreed, that the employee’s misconduct had a significant negative impact on the company’s reputation and legitimate business interests…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 33 readers -
  • Sexting in Texas: Penalties and Defenses

    … photos because they are a victim of cyber-bullying are unlikely to be charged with a crime. Although adults cannot take part in this exemption, it is still possible to defend against sexting charges in court. The defense attorney could argue that the defendant never actually sent any messages or that there is insufficient evidence…

    Law Office of James Alston- 35 readers -
  • Internet Crimes in Chicago

    … to criminal charges and these include the following: Wire fraud Identity theft Credit card fraud Indecent solicitation of a minor Child pornography Craig’s list prostitution Phishing or spoofing Extortion Hacking of private information Copyright infringement In addition, you can face charges if you use the internet for electronic communications… 8 readers -
  • Sex Offender Risk Levels – Petitioning for a Reduction

    … a registered sex offender or the district attorney wishes to file a petition to modify an offender’s risk level. If you are seeking to file a petition to reduce your risk level, I can assist you. I understand that not everybody who is a convicted sex offender is is a violent rapist or child pornographer. There are countless cases of 20-year-olds who have…

    Adam Militello/ DWI Law & Criminal Defense Blog- 6 readers -
  • Child Pornography

    … for the Western District of New York decides to charge the defendant in federal court, one count is punishable by 5 – 20 years in federal prison. That should give you an idea as to how serious the difference is between federal charges and state charges. If you are charged with this type of crime, or any other crime that might be chargeable…

    Adam Militello/ DWI Law & Criminal Defense Blog- 13 readers -
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