Child Abuse

Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment or neglect of a child or children. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department for Children and Families (DCF) define child maltreatment as any act or series of acts of commission or omission by a parent or other caregiver that results in harm, potential for harm, or threat of harm to a child. Child abuse can occur in a child's home, or in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological or emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.
Posts about Child Abuse
  • Nursing Home Abuse Statistics

    …Facts & statistics regarding elder abuse in US nursing homes. Nursing Home Abuse Statistics While researchers may differ on some statistical findings, one thing on which they generally agree is that nursing home abuse has reached epidemic proportions and now requires collaborative intervention. Unlike child abuse and domestic violence…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 22 readers -
  • Have Questions About Suing Your Daycare?

    …Considering legal action against your child’s day care due to suspected abuse of a child? While it’s ultimately up to police whether or not criminal charges are pursued in cases of daycare abuse, you may still be able to file a civil claim against the daycare facility in order to seek compensation for the damages your family suffered. Concerned…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 12 readers -
  • Being Investigated by the CPS: What to Expect

    … Being Investigated by the CPS: What to Expect Posted by Matthew Sharp under Child Abuse March 1, 2017 Child Protective Services, or CPS, is a division of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS). CPS investigates every found or unfounded claim of child abuse. A false, or unfounded, claim of child abuse occurs when someone…

    Matthew Sharp/ The Law Office of Matthew D. Sharp- 19 readers -
  • Denial of Spousal Support Extended to Include DV Perpetrated Against Child

    …, and their friends, with alcohol and pornography. Perhaps not surprisingly from these facts alone, she also commenced in a sexual affair with her son’s friend spanning from the child’s 12th year (not grade), through college. Ms. Gomez, in order to coerce her daughter, Ashley, from blabbing this information to a therapist, or from disclosing it on social media…

    Enlightened Divorce Blog™- 13 readers -
  • Medicaid Fraud Doc Accused of Harming Tots

    … is under arrest and being called a monster. One of his dental assistants has also been arrested. Dr. Howard Schneider of Jacksonville, Florida was one of the highest paid dentists in the state. What is more amazing is that he is a Medicaid dentist. Many dentists won’t take Medicaid patients because the pay is so little. Schneider, however…

    Due Diligence- 25 readers -
  • Warning Signs of Child Abuse at Daycare

    … of the more-common instances we’ve seen are name-calling, belittling insults, threats of violence, striking objects near the child, pretending they’re about to strike the child, and even intentionally ignoring the child. Be on the lookout for things such as: Strong changes in behavior (sudden aggression, depression, neediness/clinginess, withdrawal…

    Jeff Rasansky/ Rasansky Law Firm- 30 readers -
  • Personal injury trial process

    … A personal injury lawsuit is a civil action or legal dispute between a plaintiff who claims injury and a defendant who is being sued based on the plaintiff’s theory that, because of a harm or injury caused by the defendant, compensatory damages are owed to recover monetary damages from such losses as medical expenses, lost wages, or repair…

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