Cesarean Section

A Caesarean section (also spelled various other ways; often abbreviated to C-section) is a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother's abdomen (laparotomy) and uterus (hysterotomy) to deliver one or more babies, or, rarely, to remove a dead fetus. A late-term abortion using Caesarean section procedures is termed a hysterotomy abortion and is very rarely performed. The first modern Caesarean section was performed by German gynecologist Ferdinand Adolf Kehrer in 1881.A Caesarean section is often performed when a vaginal delivery would put the baby's or mother's life or health at risk.
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  • Nuchal Cord Birth Injury Lawyer

    … to handle your claim, you owe us nothing unless we actually win your case. Nuchal Cord, Birth Injuries & Medical Malpractice The umbilical cord carries oxygen and nutrients from the mother to the child’s bloodstream. It contains one vein and two arteries, and almost never causes serious birth complications. Unfortunately in some cases, the umbilical…

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  • Birth Injuries to the Mother

    … and monitor vitals during labor. The use of forceps and vacuum pumps to forcefully birth the baby. The use of Pitocin to induce strong reactions. Mishandling of the placenta, leading to massive bleeding. Lack of experience or plain negligence on the delivery doctor’s part. Failure to treat prenatal complications or infections in a timely manner…

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  • C-Section Complications, Birth Injuries & Medical Malpractice

    … to suffer a serious birth injury. Some of the more-common birth injuries that can develop during/after a C-section include: Scarring, lacerations, and abrasions Lack of oxygen to the baby (hypoxia) Development of cerebral palsy Development of Erb’s Palsy (injury to the brachial plexus) Premature birth, causing underdeveloped lungs, heart…

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  • Uterine Rupture & Birth Injuries

    … contractions which may lead to tears in the uterus. Uterine scar tissue due to things like fibroids or cancer surgery. Women who have had many previous births, especially if they were done via cesarean section are at a higher risk of experiencing uterine rupture. Abusing drugs such as cocaine can have a detrimental effect on uterine integrity…

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  • Warning Signs of Infant Brain Damage at Birth

    … signals during labor, and with proper medical care, the likelihood of brain hypoxia is very low. If a doctor, nurse or medical professional fails to properly monitor the infant’s heart rate or fails to perform a necessary cesarean section in a reasonable amount of time, they should be held accountable for their negligent actions. Why should your…

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  • Birth Injury Statistics in America

    … in about 8% of women who did not require instrument assistance, 23% of women who had instrument-assisted vaginal deliveries, and 0.6% of cesarean section deliveries from 1994-2000. Rates of birth injuries are statistically lower for Black and Hispanic mothers, and birth injuries in rural areas are 33% higher than they are within urban areas. These…

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    … will not survive the crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports2 that anywhere from 1500 to 5000 fetal deaths happen every year in the U.S. Loss of a pregnancy or stillbirth can not only result in medical expenses but also severe emotional distress and mental anguish, which may require psychiatric treatment. In many cases…

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  • Midwife Malpractice

    …. The child was later diagnosed with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, cerebral palsy, and a variety of developmental delays. The child is unable to walk or talk, cannot hold his head up or sit without help. He receives nutrition through a gastrostomy tube and requires assistance for all activities of his daily life. As a result of all the problems…

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