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The Cato Institute is an American libertarian think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C. It was founded as the Charles Koch Foundation in 1974 by Ed Crane, Murray Rothbard, and Charles Koch, chairman of the board and chief executive officer of the conglomerate Koch Industries. In July 1976, the name was changed to the Cato Institute.Cato was established to have a focus on public advocacy, media exposure and societal influence. According to the 2011 Global Go To Think Tank Index Report (Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, University of Pennsylvania), Cato is number 14 in the "Top Thirty Worldwide Think Tanks" and number 6 in the "Top Fifty United States Think Tanks".
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    • Does the AAUP approve of FOIA-ing professors’ emails?

      Should we cheer or boo when outspoken professors at state universities become the target of public records demands filed by antagonists seeking their emails and correspondence? As we had occasion to note during the Douglas Laycock controversy in May and June, there’s plenty of inconsistency on this question on both left and right.

      Walter Olson/ Overlawyered- 3 readers -
    • Google News to move “out of Spain”

      Earlier this year, Spain passed a rather egregious amendment to its copyright law (to take effect in the New Year), purportedly as some kind of anti-piracy move, but more aptly called the “Google tax” by some observers. The law gives Internet publishers a right to compensation for the use of “snippets” of their content by news aggregator sites (like Google News).

      David Post/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 6 readers -
    • Podcast: Free speech, Facebook and the Supreme Court

      Podcast: Free speech, Facebook and the Supreme Court December 4, 2014 by NCC Staff The nation’s highest court tackled a big free speech issue earlier this week, as the nine Supreme Court justices took on two difficult questions: if speech made on Facebook should be protected even if it appeared to be threatening, and how courts instruct jurors to determine such a threat.

      Constitution Daily- 1 readers -
  • NFL personal conduct policy as bad as I feared

    … will live to regret it. David Post taught intellectual property and Internet law at Georgetown Law Center and Temple University Law School until his recent retirement. He is the author of "In Search of Jeffersons Moose: Notes on the State of Cyberspace" (Oxford, 2009), a Fellow at the Center for Democracy and Technology, and an Adjunct Scholar at the Cato Institute. …

    David Post/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 2 readers -
  • Hillary Clinton’s best campaign song: The Yellow Rose of Texas

    … that the “The Yellow Rose of Texas” would work so well as pro-Hillary song, for it is an impressively versatile song, capable of many meanings and interpretations. The standard version, as of the late 20th century, was by Mitch Miller; if you don’t already know him, you will be impressed with his beard, at least if you live in Brooklyn. Roy Rogers and Ernest Tubb…

    David Kopel/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 3 readers -
  • Do we need a ‘radical simplification’ of law?

    … productive activity — like replacing a muddy road with a paved highway. That’s what happened in ancient Rome, and in 19th century France, and in post-war America with the UCC. People know where they stand. They feel free to act on their reasonable instincts of right and wrong. They don’t go through the day looking over their shoulders. I know that a lot…

    David Post/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 1 readers -
  • The IRS Scandal, Day 577

    … her emails? Well, we have an update. The Wall Street Journal opines on the latest development in the IRS targeting scandal. ... One can’t help but wonder whether the delay in finding the emails and now the delay in turning them over to investigators is simply to allow time for smoking guns to be hidden. ... Let’s close with a good cartoon about…

    Paul Caron/ TaxProf Blog- 1 readers -
    Earlier about the same topic:
  • Facebook IP nonsense

    … kind of mass exodus. But the Internet has been the graveyard for some very, very successful applications – Myspace, Altavista, Geocities, Lycos, AOL – and it’s not written in stone that Facebook maintains its dominant position forever. I’ve said it before: Facebook needs to find a way to engage its users in the policy formation process somehow…

    David Post/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 3 readers -
  • Justice, Ferguson MO, and the NFL

    … a kind of privatization of a public function, and, extended more broadly, its costs might be much higher than we think. Do we really think it would be a such a good idea if Microsoft, say, or General Electric, or Wal-Mart, or Amazon, or other large private employers started instituting “codes of conduct” governing employee behavior outside of work time…

    David Post/ The Volokh Conspiracy- 1 readers -
  • Upcoming Panel: Device Encryption vs. Law Enforcement Access

    … enforcement? After an introduction by Jules Polonetsky, the Executive Director and Co-Chair of the Future of Privacy Forum, Christopher will moderate a discussion with: Amie Stepanovich, Senior Policy Counsel, Access Now Julian Sanchez, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute Carrie Cordero, Director of National Security Studies, Georgetown…

    HL Chronicle of Data Protection- 2 readers -
  • Non-Sequiturs: 11.26.14

    … for a 24-word (plus one citation) decision. [C-SPAN] * Is it a lie? Well, that depends on what your definition of “lie” is? [Dorf on Law] * Are over the knee boots appropriate office attire? [Corporette] * 8 women who left the law to follow their passions. [One 400] * Yesterday, we suggested you should write more thank you notes. Well, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t. [The Muse ] …

    Joe Patrice/ Above the Law -
  • “America’s Most Fee-Ridden Cities”

    …, one that creates maximum hassle and maximum hostility,” says Walter Olson, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and publisher of the blog Overlawyered. Aside from Ferguson, Mo., the piece uses as examples the notorious Los Angeles suburb of Bell, Calif., exposed in a scandal as being run for the benefit of its managers, and — a smart choice…

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered- 1 readers -
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