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  • Living With a Spinal Cord Injury Is Often Expensive

    … the legs, then you have paraplegia. Treating a Spinal Injury Treatment begins immediately, by stabilizing patients at the scene of the car accident so that they don’t move around and aggravate any incomplete injuries. At the hospital, patients often undergo surgery to remove bone fragments from shattered vertebrae. Surgery also helps support the spine…

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  • Preparing for Your First Meeting With a Car Accident Lawyer

    … After a car accident, you may feel a lot of pain and worry about your future. You may also feel overwhelmed getting to and from doctor’s appointments, keeping up with school or work, and just taking care of yourself. Probably the last thing you want to do is visit a lawyer at his office. However, a lawyer is necessary if you hope to get…

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  • 6 Things Not to Do After a Car Accident

    …In the immediate aftermath of a car accident, it can be easy to get distracted and make bad decisions. Car accidents often leave a person in a state of shock, making it difficult for them to make good decisions. If you’ve just been in a car accident, you should make sure to avoid doing any of the following six things. Leaving the Accident Scene…

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  • Can Truckers Use Cell Phones?

    … do the rest. With luck, it will investigate and discipline the driver before anyone ends up at West Houston Medical Center. Call a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Today If a distracted trucker injured you or a loved one, the law may entitle you to compensation for your injuries. At Stewart J. Guss, Attorney at Law, we help accident victims…

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  • Paying for Medical Care After a Car Accident

    … Any type of traumatic injury can require ongoing medical care for some time—and car accident injuries are no different. You may need emergency treatment right after the accident, but during the following weeks, your doctor may suggest follow-up visits, visits to specialists, surgeries, physical therapy, and more. You may also need medications…

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  • Tricks Played by Car Insurance Companies

    …There are many tactics that car insurance companies will use to try to coerce you or confuse you. Dealing with an insurance company can be very complex, especially if you assume that they have your best interests at heart. When you are in a car accident in Missouri, the company’s main goal is not to make sure that you are fully taken care…

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