• Armed Vehicle Defense – Are You Actually Prepared?

    …. However, this weekend, an opportunity presented itself to attend Trop Gun Shop‘s Armed Vehicle Defense two-day class, which is taught by Phill Groff. For those of you who don’t know Phill, I cannot do his background justice. For brevity, he has a substantial military and law enforcement bckground, with an emphasis on training law enforcement officers…

    Joshua Prince/ Prince Law Offices, P.C.- 11 readers -
  • Graco Fined $10m by NHTSA for Delaying Recall of Child Car Seats.

    … After the recall of Graco car seats in 2014, Graco Children’s Products has been fined $10 million by the NHTSA for failing to issue a timely recall for car seats with a defective buckle. More than 4 million Graco car seats were recalled in February 2014, and another 2 million seats in June. But, the company has admitted to knowing of problems…

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  • Auto Recalls: How Safe is Your New Used Car?

    … Are you in the market for a new, used car? What are the chances that the owner or the used-car dealer has fixed known recalls? Are they going to inform you about the faulty ignition switch, the defective airbag or other major safety recall? Unlikely. Currently there is no legislation requiring used-car dealers to fix recalled vehicles…

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