Canada Labour Code

The Canada Labour Code is an Act of Parliament of the Canadian government to consolidate certain statutes respecting labour. The objective of the code is to facilitate production by controlling strikes & lockouts, occupational safety and health, and some employment standards.Generally speaking, the code only applies to those industries in which the federal government has jurisdiction instead of the provinces. These industries include: broadcasting, telecommunications, chartered banks, postal service, airports and air transportation, shipping and navigation, interprovincial or international transportation (i.e., road, railway, ferry or pipeline).
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  • Federal Court of Appeal Success

    … Our client, a maintenance engineer, was dismissed after 15 years on the job. We first represented him at a hearing under the Canada Labour Code, where we asked an Adjudicator to determine his severance entitlements on dismissal. Key to this determination was whether our client had been an employee or independent contractor. We were successful…

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