• April 15 roundup

    … on “The Rise of Crown Government in America” [Tyler Cowen, with Canada comparison] My appearance on Anne Santos’s radio show discussing lawsuit culture [KNTH] If General Motors objects to direct consumer sales freedom for Tesla, perhaps the answer is to set GM free too [Dan Crane, Truth on the Market; James Surowiecki/New Yorker, Adam…

    Walter Olson/ Overlawyered
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  • WTO-Panel rules against Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff local content rules

    … Contracts implementing these requirements since the FIT Programme's inception in 2009 (“the challenged measures”). The European Union claimed that the domestic content requirements provided for and implemented under the challenged measures place Canada in violation of: (i) the national treatment obligation…

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  • 45. ICANN-Treffen in Toronto

    … dem Unionsraum und Bestimmungen zur Verifikation von E-Mail-Adressen und Telefonnummern von Domainkunden verhandelt werden. Kritisch aufgefasst wurde indes, dass das Treffen abermals ohne Beteiligung von Datenschützern stattgefunden hat. So war z.B. die Datenschutzbehörde des Gastgeberlandes Kanada (The Office of the Privacy Comissioner of Canada) trotz hoher datenschutzrechtlicher Brisanz nicht eingeladen. …

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  • Interpreter's oath/Dolmetschereid

    … of Contemporary English, which is now online. Now if 'skill' should be plural, then 'understanding' must be wrong too - which it isn't! I think both 'to the best of my skill' and 'to the best of my skills' are correct English. However, although I find 27,000 ghits for the plural, I only find seven of them on UK sites. So if you are in Canada or India…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Why Canada shuns its green commitment?

    …Canada’s widely criticized quit from Kyoto Protocol might act as a timely reminder that a toothless form of words involving just diplomatic censure can hardly prevent countries from walking away from their commitments. This really sends some dismay to negotiators at the Durban climate conference burned the midnight oil over the weekend…

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  • Int'l Press Review: Canada quits Kyoto climate pact

    …Canada officially renounced the expiring Kyoto Protocol on Monday, a day after international negotiators agreed to extend the treaty's limits on carbon emissions blamed for a warming climate. Source: CNN …

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  • Int'l Press Review: Canada's climate change goals falling short

    …The federal government needs to get its act together and co-ordinate its climate change programs, Parliament's environment watchdog said Tuesday, as he cast doubt on whether Canada will meet its various emission reduction targets. Source: …

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