• Nationwide Layoff Watch: A Double-Digit Dump

    …For months, if not years now, the Biglaw buzzword of choice has been "rightsizing." The practice has infiltrated all sectors of the legal profession, even law schools. Pushing aside all the flowery BS explanations, we know what that phrase really means. There's not enough money to go around, and whatever is left isn't worth spending on you…

    9 readers - Staci Zaretsky/ Above the Law
  • ILR: Judge Rebukes 2 Lawyers Profiting From U.S. Disability Law

    … New York Times | 2013 The lawyers drafted the lawsuits by the dozens, claiming that local businesses had violated federal law by not providing access to people with disabilities – and generating thousands of dollars per case in legal fees for themselves. Read more:…

    24 readers - USA Recht
  • Bericht von der BCLT Datenschutz Konferenz in Palo Alto

    … of Privacy Processes: the CPO And Beyond” (Audio-Mitschnitt anhören) und “Technology and Privacy Design” (Audio-Mitschnitt anhören) behandelt. Zudem hielt Travis LeBlanc (Special Assistant Attorney General, California Department of Justice) einen Vortrag (Audio-Mitschnitt anhören) zu den datenschutzrechtlichen Vorgaben in Kalifornien und den…

    9 readers - Datenschutzbeauftragter Online
  • Most ridiculous lawsuits: Ruling over bumper-car injury supports amusement park

    … The California Supreme Court says riders can’t sue over injuries stemming from the inherent nature of the attraction. ‘Those who voluntarily join in these activities also voluntarily take on their minor inherent risks,’ the court says. SAN FRANCISCO — The California Supreme Court, protecting providers of risky recreational activities…

    37 readers - USA Recht
  • Most Ridiculous Lawsuits: Resident files $1.7B claim with City Hall

    … as another kind of smart meter — this one put forward by Southern California Edison — that tracks energy use in homes and apartments in real time. All of those devices use wireless technology that Barris and others believe causes everything from headaches to cancer to genetic damage. “Smart technology needs to be halted because it poses…

    19 readers - USA Recht
  • HOUGH AND HOUSTON: U.S. needs more jobs, not more lawsuits

    …Legal Reform News Daily 09/2012: Politically, California and Texas are worlds apart. Despite their blue state, red state ideological differences, the residents within those states share the common goals of robust job creation and a vibrant economy. The stories of these two states, however, are remarkably different. The Washington…

    3 readers - USA Recht
  • Warning! Delicious, Spreadable Chocolate Is Not Health Food!

    … in a class action lawsuit settlement. This latest example of the U.S. legal system run wild comes to us from California where two mothers filed suit against Ferrero USA, Inc., the maker of Nutella — a spreadable, chocolate-flavored hazelnut product. ABC News reports that one of the plaintiffs — Athena Hohenberg of San Diego — sued…

    31 readers - USA Recht
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