Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid and a stimulant drug. Caffeine is found in varying quantities in the seeds, leaves, and fruit of some plants, where it acts as a natural pesticide that paralyzes and kills certain insects feeding on the plants, as well as enhancing the reward memory of pollinators. It is most commonly consumed by humans in infusions extracted from the seed of the coffee plant and the leaves of the tea bush, as well as from various foods and drinks containing products derived from the kola nut. Other sources include yerba maté, guarana berries, guayusa, and the yaupon holly.
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  • Crash Rate Spikes with Every Hour of Lost Sleep

    … Think about the last time you got behind the wheel. How much sleep had you had the night before? Was it early morning or late in the evening? Were you yawning or in desperate need of caffeine? If the last time you drove you had fewer than 8 hours of sleep and you were fighting to stay alert, you are guilty of drowsy driving. You are not alone…

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  • Dangers of Driving When It’s Your Profession

    … and relaxation time, and some truckers depend on dangerous doses of caffeine to stay alert behind the wheel. When drivers are on the interstate for a large percentage of their time, it’s hard for them to get whole healthy meals on a regular basis. Many drivers live off of high-calorie snack foods, and most have a hard time getting regular…

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  • Dangerous Distractions for Truck Drivers

    … of the most common and unsafe forms of distracted driving. Other dangerous distractions for truck drivers include: Eating or Drinking – Truck drivers frequently turn to snacks or caffeine to stay awake on a long route, but reaching for food items may require taking your hands and eyes off the road. Spilling a drink such as hot coffee can also become…

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  • Common truck driver errors that lead to collisions

    … accidents.4 This includes truck drivers who engage in forms of aggressive driving such as tailgating or rapid lane changing to combat the stress of dealing with other drivers. Most commercial truck drivers are not paid an hourly rate or salary, but instead are paid per mile which this form or system of compensation often encourages faster vehicle speeds…

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  • Danger of Driving and Needing to Pee

    … excessive amounts of beverages that dehydrate you and stimulate your bladder, like caffeine in coffee or soda. Know your own habits well and how regularly you generally use the bathroom. If you feel like you need to pee, stop at the closest restroom and go before it becomes an urgent and distracting problem. If you’ve been injured by a distracted…

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