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    • California New Year’s Roundup

      Happy New Year! Last year was a big one for changes in employment related law in California, and many of these changes have an effective date of January 1, 2015. We covered some of these before in other blog posts, but here is a reminder of the more significant ones. We have also added a heads-up for the few that flew under the radar.

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    • Now Available – B Corporations in Arizona

      Welcome to Arizona! by Fred Miller from Flickr (Creative Commons License) One of the awesome developments in the Arizona business community for 2015 is that businesses are allowed to form benefit corporations (B corporations) in this state. These are for-profit corporations that have other motives for being in business besides maximizing profits, and their shareholders are ...

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  • Can I Trademark My Hashtag?

    … Registration You may have been aware of the benefits of federal trademark protection long before you got to the hashtag issue. Perhaps you have already registered your business name, dba, logo and other signature business identifiers. Without federal trademark registration, you will have only common law protection or perhaps protection under state…

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  • Legal Guide on Buying & Selling a Website or Mobile App

    … There are plenty of websites, web-based apps, mobile-based apps, or other internet-based business that are actually profitable. A unique result of easy entry into these types of businesses is that it is more likely they will reach plateau below their potential due to the inexperience by the management of the original founders and developers…

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  • They Know Computers But Not How to Help Your Case

    … for Attacking DNA Evidence © The Regents of the University of California, 2015. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Filed under: Business Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law, Evidence, Legal Topics Tagged: computer forensic expert, corporate crime, digital forensics, digital investigator, electronic evidence, expert witness, trial…

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  • Stockholder Inspections of Delaware Corporations in California

    … When foreign corporations do business in California they need to comply with California laws governing such corporations. However, California's law is not the only law that applies to a foreign corporation. Such corporations also have to consider laws in their native states, as a recent case from Delaware demonstrates. This is why it is important…

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  • Trends in Privacy Law for 2015

    … not disappear. And now the international community has become involved in the effort to protect consumers, as well. Small to mid-size businesses need to keep a close eye on 5 developing privacy law trends this year. These include the consequences of data breach, the expanding definition of what private consumer information is entitled to legal protection…

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  • Cofounder Charged with Murder! Get Rid of a Business Partner

    … of Plaxo, Minh Nguyen, who has been charged with first-degree murder. Plaxo is not alone. If it is not a murder charge, it could easily be something else. The co-founder of Tinder just settled a sexual harassment lawsuit. The feds charged the co-founder of BitInstant for money laundering. The CEO and founder of RadiumOne Inc. ended up pleading guilty…

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  • Cost of Gas Down, Reimbursement Rate Up

    … Home > Business Law > Cost of Gas Down, Reimbursement Rate Up If you have filled up your gas tank recently, turned on the news, listened to the radio, or read a newspaper you’ve probably noticed gas prices are steadily dropping and in a big way. This time last year the national average price for a gallon of regular gas according to AAA’s…

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  • Can Lawful Use Laws Solve the Medical Marijuana Mess?

    … turns on whether actions that are illegal under federal law can be lawful within the meaning of the state statute. California and New York have similar off duty activities laws. They are actually fairly common throughout the states, having been originally enacted to protect the rights of tobacco smokers. These laws may become the center…

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  • Share Ownership Equity Interest Without Giving Up Control [How To]

    … partner ownership interest in the LP. According to the uniform limited partnership act, that most states follow, a general partner can only be removed without unanimous consent of the limited partners unless the partnership agreement says otherwise. However, it is assumed that if you do control your company, you will still want significant limited…

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  • Starting a Business in Arizona

    … you should do to protect your business as you have the ability to afford it. It’s easier and cheaper to prevent problems than to clean up the mess when something bad happens. If you want to chat with me about starting a business in Arizona, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, or you can email me. Please visit my homepage for more information about Carter Law Firm. …

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  • Guide to Terms & Conditions for Subscription Box Businesses

    …. Specifically, California’s Automatic Renewal Law contained in California Business and Professions Code §17600, et seq. is the model consumer protection law dealing with automatic subscriptions. Though each state may have other approaches, the general concept that each of these consumer protection laws have in common is that any kind of auto-renewal…

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