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    • Ammo To Go’s Remarkable Response to Data Breach

      Earlier this month,, an online ammunition retailer, sent out an e-mail to customers disclosing the theft of consumer information including e-mail addresses and passwords. The e-mail provided a link to a password reset page and offered assistance to stop possible SPAM from anyone who might have purchased the list.

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    • 10 Business-Related Torts to Master

      If you handle business litigation matters, you need to be fluent in the most common business-related torts and their elements so you can spot the issues immediately—to either allege them or defend against them. Don’t feel quite fluent yet? Don’t worry, here’s a checklist of the elements of ten common business-related torts to keep handy until you master them.

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    • Pizza and the Edge of the Trademark Universe

      The following is a guest blog post by Michael J. Thomas, a solo practitioner and founder of Creative Vision Legal, a Bay Area law firm offering legal services tailored to artists, musicians, and small business owners. Can you trademark a pizza flavor? A recent decision says no and offers a glimpse at the edge of the known trademark universe.

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  • The Feel of Real Kashwere

    Kashwere, LLC vs. Kashwere USAJPN, LLC Before the U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit Docket No. 13-3730 Decided November 13 The Facts Diversity jurisdiction brought this complex commercial case before the 7th Circuit, which applied Illinois law to a series of trademark and business questions. At issue was whether the developer of chenille fabric under the tradename “Kashwere” ...

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  • Should I Organize My Business as a Professional Corporation?

    … About Mixed Practices? At the outset, it is important to be clear that someone without the proper license may not own a professional corporation. This is why, at least in the US, paralegals who may actually do the lion’s share of the work, cannot have an ownership interest in a law firm organized as a PC. The real issue comes up with the task…

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  • Idaho Estate Planning - Drama Free Family Business Succession

    … eventually grew into one of the largest privately held corporations in Kentucky. However, when Griffin passed away, his children started fighting over the company. Recently a judge stated that the brothers breached their fiduciary duty to the sisters. Now, after nearly 20 years, a trial date is expected to be set for next January as reported…

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  • How to Avoid Legal Liability for Your User’s Content

    … anyone’s computer. Even if the content somehow gets through, complying with the requests of true owners of copyrights and trademarks is an absolute must. Such requests may come in either of two forms, a trademark infringement demand (aka cease and desist letter), or a copyright infringement demand in the form of a DMCA request. DMCA Safe Harbor…

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  • Net Neutrality and Small Business

    … that broadband companies were beyond its reach. In January 2014, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit agreed. Having apparently decided not to appeal, the FCC now has to amend its rules. Which Way Now? This could get complicated from a legal perspective. Taking the position that broadband providers are “common carriers” like utility companies would give…

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  • How to Beat a Credit Card Lawsuit

    … Note: This blog has two purposes: 1. I want you to give you interesting content that I have curated, digested, and then written about in a way that is engaging and understandable. My goal is both that you would be entertained and become more interested in the law. 2. I want you to hire my firm to help you with your legal issue. So the blog…

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  • ACA Roundup for California Small Businesses

    … With the election over and Thanksgiving weeks away, ‘tis the season for Open Enrollment. This is a very good time for small California employers to catch up on changes in rates, coverage requirements and penalties, and the potential for a tax credit in the coming year. Open Enrollment Open Enrollment begins on November 15, 2014 and runs through…

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  • Five Rules for Business Transactions in Shades of Grey

    …, like tax accountants and lawyers have long faced this problem. Or what if the business is legal under state law, but illegal under federal law? The latter question just got much more complicated yesterday, with voter approval of recreational marijuana sales in Oregon and Alaska. What is the risk for small businesses in transactions with these…

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  • Make These 4 Assumptions about Cybersecurity

    … It has been clear for some time that cybercrime isn’t an outlier in the spectrum of corporate risk. Yet many organizations have been slow to wake up to that reality, or having awoken, are unsure of what steps to take to manage that risk. Law firms are in the thick of it with nearly half of all firms infected with viruses, spyware, or malware last…

  • The Brilliant Jerk Problem

    … are a lot unprintable names for your brilliant performer, but as the boss, you are tempted to put up with this chaos because the product is, well, brilliant. This is particularly an issue for start-ups that have begun to rocket toward success. They suddenly begin to feel like real businesses rather than crusades, and they begin to need to act like…

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  • Yes or No on California Proposition 45?

    … by the political debate have been remarkably information-free, and tend to divide along predictable political lines. The Case that Prop 45 will Bring Down Costs for Small Businesses Once voters sift through the theatrics, which in this case really did involve a load of steer manure, they will see that supporters of Prop 45 essentially argue that health insurers…

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  • What Should You Do If Someone Steals Your Work

    … Attention – Man Stealing White Stripe by Julian Mason from Flickr (Creative Commons License) Copyright infringement appears to be rampant on the internet. Some people don’t understand that they can’t use anything they find online. They don’t understand that the law lets the copyright holder dictate where their work is displayed and distributed…

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  • Say 'Ello' to Public Benefit Corporations

    … On October 23, 2014, Ello, the burgeoning social network, announced that it converted to a Public Benefit Corporation. Ello describes itself as “a simple, beautiful, and ad-free social network created by a small group of artists and designers.” Ello’s business model appears to fly in the face of the current market trend of monetizing social…

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  • Do I Need A Lawyer To Form A Business?

    … and statutory agent among other things. LLC will be registered with the city they are doing business in and apply for any additional business licenses or other licenses that may be required by Federal law for tax purposes. Once an LLC is formed it generally can continue as long the members want to. This was discussed more thoroughly in our blog How do I form…

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