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    • 10 Ways to Finance a Business

      A great business idea is not enough—a business needs capital to thrive. Attorneys can help their clients consider all the financing options, figure out which one(s) are the best fit, and comply with applicable laws. Financing sources vary in their appropriateness for a particular business venture and in the type and amount of financing they’ll provide.

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    • End of the Year To-Do List for Entrepreneurs

      5/4/2010: To-Do List by john.schultz (Creative Commons License) We’ve made it to December 2014! It’s hard to believe another year has flown by. I don’t know aobut your industry but most people stop calling their lawyers around the 15th or 20th of the month. (Exception: DUI attorneys.) That will give me almost two weeks to review and tie up loose ends from 2014 and get ready t ...

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  • Disrupting Employee Health Insurance

    … A recent New York Times rumination about running a small business, employee health insurance and the apparent inevitability of higher cost and compromised benefits wound around to this somewhat plaintive reflection: Yet, I have a feeling that somewhere there has to be better thinking and insight about the health insurance mess. That is where…

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  • Small Business Hardship Relief Act

    … those obligations for businesses that face extraordinary circumstances. What is the Status of the Small Business Hardship Relief Act? This bill is currently in the United State House of Representatives. It was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means on September 18, 2014. In order for it to become law it would have to make its way out of committee…

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  • Advertising & Marketing: A Legal Guide for Small Business

    …. The message must contain a valid physical postal address, which may be a P.O. Box. The message must explain how the recipient can opt out of receiving messages in the future. The sender must honor those requests within 30 days. If your business hires another company to handle online marketing, both parties are responsible for complying with the law…

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  • What is a Statutory Agent?

    … that the business gets sued, the process server will need to know how to serve the business. They can’t serve a building – they need to serve a person. Your statutory agent is the person who will accept service (notice that you’re being sued) on behalf of the company. You have to provide a name and a street address. As long as you live in Arizona, you can be your…

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  • BYOD Language – Smartphones, Tablets and the Workplace

    … Home > Business Law > BYOD Language – Smartphones, Tablets and the Workplace The holidays are coming up and your employees may be getting that coveted new tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device from their Christmas list. Employees increasingly wish to use their own devices, whether it be to use their preferred hardware, operating…

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  • When the Boss Sells the Company

    …. In an effort to retain valuable employees, many employers have become more flexible about working from home or attending to personal business from work. Employers themselves have become more nimble, building and selling businesses as “serial entrepreneurs”. Employment Law has Been Slow to Adapt The basic doctrine of at-will employment, even as modified…

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  • Doing Business in California? You May Be Even if You Do Not Think You Are

    … commerce. Corporations, LLCs, LLPs, and LPs each have particular paperwork they have to fill out if they are required to register. The Secretary of State's office will not advise you as to whether you are required to register, so this determination would be something to discuss with an experienced California business attorney. Related Posts: New Court Decision Means Additional Impositions of Documentary Transfer Tax Franchise Info: In California Venue and Choice of Law Provisions are Not Enforceable …

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  • The $41 Billion Company Uber is a Horrible Role Model for Business

    … heavily regulated, requiring substantial disclosures so no franchiser can misconstrue the risk and reward. Illegal Operation Peter Thiel, a prominent VC known as a cofounder of PayPal, called Uber “the most ethically challenged company in Silicon Valley.” Thiel, in his AMA, compared Uber to Napster alluding to the fact that much of Uber’s…

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  • Changes Afoot in Texas Noncompete Law?

    … in Texas in the future? What Happened? Dr. Pokala, a cardiologist, began working for Nacogdoches Heart Clinic, P.A. in 1989 and signed an employment contract that contained a covenant not to compete. Paragraph 19 of the agreement specified that he would not engage or participate, directly or indirectly, either as an employee, employer, consultant…

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  • Legally Poaching Employees from Another Company (and Preventing It)

    … secret, it comes with great protection under the law. The precise definition of a trade secret vary slightly from state to state, but generally a trade secret is information that (1) is not known to the public; (2) derives independent economic value; and (3) is subject to secrecy, meaning it actually has to be kept secret. Accordingly, not all…

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  • The Feel of Real Kashwere

    … Kashwere, LLC vs. Kashwere USAJPN, LLC Before the U.S. Court of Appeals 7th Circuit Docket No. 13-3730 Decided November 13 The Facts Diversity jurisdiction brought this complex commercial case before the 7th Circuit, which applied Illinois law to a series of trademark and business questions. At issue was whether the developer of chenille…

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