Bus Crashes

    • Fatal School Bus Accidents in Georgia Are Rare

      School bus accidents are often in the news in Georgia and elsewhere. Fortunately, fatal school bus accidents in Georgia and the rest of the country are very rare. When children tragically lose their lives, the crashes make headlines. Two years ago, a school bus crash in Houston in Texas caused widespread horror when the bus careened off an elevated roadway and crashed to the ground below.

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    • Five Safety Tips at the School Bus Stop

      During the winter months, when mornings and nights are darker, students face additional risks at the school bus stop and getting to it. The number of students who use school buses is staggering. The National Safety Council states as many as 25 million students nationwide start and end their day with a trip on a school bus. School buses are designed for safety.

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  • Hockey Bus from Georgia Wrecks on Exit Ramp

    … Bus crashes are often serious. They can involve multiple injuries and even deaths. Recently, a hockey team from Georgia feared the worst when their bus wrecked on an exit ramp. The bus carrying the Columbus Cottonmouths flipped on an exit ramp in Illinois on the way to a game in Peoria earlier in the year. The rollover accident occurred…

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  • One Killed, Twenty Injured in Georgia Church Bus Crash

    … Bus crashes are among the most harrowing kinds of wreck we see on the road of Georgia. Although they are less common than car crashes, serious bus incidents often involve more than one casualty. In Fulton County, a driver was charged after a Georgia church bus crash. Recently, at least one person was killed and more than 20 were injured…

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