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British Columbia /ˌbrɪtɪʃ kəˈlʌmbiə/, also commonly referred to by its initials BC or B.C., (French: Colombie-Britannique, C.-B.) is a province located on the West Coast of Canada. British Columbia is also a component of the Pacific Northwest, along with the U.S. states of Oregon and Washington. The province's name was chosen by Queen Victoria in 1858, reflecting its origins as the British remainder of the Columbia District of the Hudson's Bay Company. In 1871, it became the sixth province of Canada. Its Latin motto is Splendor sine occasu ("Splendour without Diminishment").
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  • Sorry Doesn’t Have to Be the Hardest Word: BC’s Apology Act

    … colleague David Brown put it this way: “In my experience, a heartfelt apology allows people to take down their guard a little bit and focus on resolution.” So go ahead, act like a true Canadian and say “I’m sorry.” NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Information made available on the Kent Employment Law website in any form is for information purposes only…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 12 readers -
  • Seasonal Worker Series (Part 4): Stat Holidays and Vacation

    … contributor to employee well-being and therefore engagement and retention. A relaxed employee is a happy employee, and happy employees make for happy employers (who also deserve and need to take time off)! Have questions about hiring seasonal employees? Contact us! NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Information made available on the Kent Employment Law website in any form…

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  • Secret Recordings: Legal, but ill advised?

    … to either prove or disprove a material fact have to be disclosed. And the definition of a document includes sound recordings. That’s the case even if the recording actually hurts the claim of the recording party. And if the recorder deleted the recording, negative inferences could be made. But recorders beware. The British Columbia Court…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 17 readers -
  • Gender-Based Dress Codes: Do We Need Another Law?

    … By Erin Brandt. Gender-based dress codes have lately become a “hot topic” for British Columbia’s media outlets. The recent interest flows from Green party leader Andrew Weaver’s new Bill M2** which (if enacted) Mr. Weaver says will prevent employers from requiring that female employees wear high heels in the workplace. (I myself participated…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 15 readers -
  • Probation: Why Bother?

    …. The January 2017 BC Supreme Court decision in Ly v. British Columbia (Interior Health Authority) inspired us to consider the issue from a different perspective. Put simply: Are probationary periods necessary or advisable? The Case of Ly v. IHA Mr. Ly’s employment contract with IHA included a 6 month probationary period for new employees. When he…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 15 readers -
  • Accounting Today

    …In the Blogs: The Season Approaches by Jeff Stimpson | Link to original source (119K) Highlights of some of our favorite tax-related blogs from the past week. Like it is TaxMama: Following “a total paradigm shift in our government,” the nuts and bolts of what Trump’s plan means for changes individuals can expect in their tax lives. Hint…

    Due Diligence- 32 readers -
  • Richard Johnson’s Top 10 Employer Tips for 2016

    … that requires an employee to give you advance notice that he or she is quitting. If you would like your workers to give you notice of resignation, you should build this into their employee contracts. Mandatory retirement is a thing of the past. You cannot force an employee to retire when he or she turns 65. If you found these tips helpful and are looking for more, follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook! Share with others The post Richard Johnson’s Top 10 Employer Tips for 2016 appeared first on . …

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  • Steel in Context – Developments in “Just Cause”

    … for the employee’s dismissal. Each case relating to just cause must be decided on its own merits and on the basis of its own factual matrix. As the recent decision in TeBaerts shows, where an employer wishes to dismiss an employee for breach of trust, the employer will need to show that: • managing or protecting confidential information…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 25 readers -
  • Richard Johnson’s Top 10 Employee Tips for 2016

    … for employees in British Columbia: You are eligible for statutory holiday pay if you’ve been employed for at least 30 days before the stat holiday, and you have worked and/or earned money for at least 15 of those days. You may take up to eight weeks’ unpaid compassionate care leave from your job to care for a family member. You may take up…

    Wendy Woloshyn/ 35 readers -
  • Maternity Leave and Job Protection: Are There Exceptions?

    … Lawyer Erin Kizell, Contributor. We’ve written before about the rights afforded to pregnant employees and new parents by both the British Columbia Employment Standards Act (the ESA) and Human Rights Code (the Code). At the risk of repeating ourselves, here’s a brief review of some of the legal protections available to BC employees when it comes…

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