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  • “Islamic Political Thought” (Bowering, ed.)

    … “Islamic Political Thought” (Bowering, ed.) This March, Princeton University Press will release “Islamic Political Thought: An Introduction” edited by Gerhard Bowering (Yale University). The publisher’s description follows: In sixteen concise chapters on key topics, this book provides a rich, authoritative, and up-to-date introduction…

    John Boersma/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 5 readers -
  • “The Lively Experiment” (Beneke & Grenda, eds.)

    … of tolerance and intolerance have rippled in multiple directions. Nearly four hundred years after Roger Williams’ Rhode Island colony, the “lively experiment” of religious tolerance remains a core tenet of the American way of life. This volume honors this boisterous tradition by offering the first comprehensive account of America’s vibrant and often tumultuous history of interreligious relations. Like this: Like Loading... Related …

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  • Help for Clients with Severe Emotional Trauma: Try A Little Yoga

    … From time to time, lawyers may grapple with the problem of representing individuals who have suffered significant emotional trauma. I know that I do. These clients and their cases can be particularly challenging: claims adjusters, opposing counsel, jurors, and even the courts, can be skeptical about claims in which emotional damage…

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  • Engelhardt, “Singing the Right Way”

    … Engelhardt, “Singing the Right Way” This past December, Oxford University Press released “Singing the Right Way: Orthodox Christians and Secular Enchantment in Estonia” by Jeffers Engelhardt (Amherst College). The publisher’s description follows: Singing the Right Way enters the world of Orthodox Christianity in Estonia to explore musical…

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  • "Blood Feud" By Edward Klein - Implications For 2016 If Bill Clinton Dies

    … In page-turner "Blood Feud" about the war between the Clintons and Obamas, Edward Klein devotes plenty of space to Bill Clinton's health. Not since the cover articles in tabloids such as Globe have I bumped into so much detailed description of the former president's heart problems, hand tremor, and look of a skeleton. According to the book…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 5 readers -
  • Standard Of Review: Grisham’s Latest Is A Dull Read

    … (affiliate links) and being extremely unimpressed at the thin characters and the ridiculous plotting. By the time Grisham moved away from legal thrillers and published Skipping Christmas (affiliate link), I was ready to skip Grisham (though as someone who tenses up in anger when I hear Christmas songs on the radio, I just might have to appropriate…

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  • Family law attorneys of @dickinsonwright offer Q&A, book-signing at @changinghands

    …-scratcher, that. But Dickinson Wright family law attorney Marlene Pontrelli says, “A major factor is people not wanting to file for divorce during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. Waiting until after the holidays seems to be easier for couples, especially those with children.” So it may not be you. But someone in your circle may be about…

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