• Bowman, “Cosmoipolitan Justice”

    … Bowman, “Cosmoipolitan Justice” This January, Springer Press will release “Cosmoipolitan Justice: The Axial Age, Multiple Modernities, and the Postsecular Turn” by Jonathan Bowman. The publisher’s description follows: This book assesses the rapid transformation of the political agency of religious groups within transnational civil society…

    John Boersma/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 2 readers -
  • Ford, “Jesus Master of Law”

    …, and as an interpreter of the Law of Moses. This bold book is an original and revolutionary conceptualization of Jesus as not only a profound religious thinker but also as a preeminent legal theorist. Here we find in Jesus’s teachings and parables the analytical and moral reasoning, which is the foundation of Anglo-American common law, Western civilization…

    John Boersma/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 2 readers -
  • One Thousand Things Worth Knowing

    … This weekend I've read Paul Muldoon's newly published collection of poems, "One Thousand Things Worth Knowing." (The dust jacket sports a very pleasing design by the ubiquitous Quemadura, a brilliant designer and a kind man I will never forget for how he helped me during a brief turn I took as a publisher.) I say I've read the book, present…

    William Carleton/ William Carleton, Counselor @ Law- 3 readers -
  • Commins, “Islam in Saudi Arabia”

    … Commins, “Islam in Saudi Arabia” In February, I.B.Tauris will release “Islam in Saudi Arabia” by David Dean Commins (Dickinson College). The publisher’s description follows: In the popular imagination, Saudi Arabia is a monolithic and static relic from an earlier age, wedded to a reactionary interpretation of Islam and led by an authoritarian…

    Stephanie Cipolla/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 3 readers -
  • Rajan, “Al Qaeda’s Global Crisis”

    … Rajan, “Al Qaeda’s Global Crisis” In February, Routledge Press will release “Al Qaeda’s Global Crisis: The Islamic State, Takfir and the Genocide of Muslims” by V.G. Julie Rajan (Rutgers University). The publisher’s description follows: This book focuses on the crises facing Al Qaeda and how the mass killing of Muslims is challenging its…

    John Boersma/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 4 readers -
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