• Law Firms And The No-Longer ‘New’ Normal: Insights On 7 Key Subjects

    … with Soffer on the value of secondments and targeted CLE. JPMorgan, through its “Chase Law Institute,” will have law firms present to its lawyers on a particular issue or problem. “Lunches can be fun,” Shaffer said, “but we are busy people, and in the end it’s not that effective at business development.” 5. How can small firms compete with large…

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  • Non-Sequiturs: 11.25.14

    … * Grand juries rarely let someone go without an indictment unless it’s a cop. Apparently pigs do not make for ham sandwiches. Instead of wishing for another rubber stamp indictment, this may be a good time to demand that everyone benefit from such skeptical grand juries. [FiveThirtyEight] * Well that’s an interesting name… [Legal Juice] * Have…

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  • Becky Halstead – A Quintessential Leader

    …-renowned book 24/7: The First Person You Must Lead Is You, a path of lessons in self-leadership that transcend age, gender, race, and profession. Halstead began her presentation by examining a situation where she felt that she failed as a leader – an examination many leaders would not publically undertake. Specifically, on one occasion while…

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  • Commentators see increasingly politicized Supreme Court #SCOTUS

    … Before November runs its course, I wanted to point out one item in this month’s Arizona Attorney you may have missed—a book review. My fondness for book reviews—when well done—is unabashed. And this month, attorney Roxie Bacon examines a new book by Erwin Chemerinsky that dissects the U.S. Supreme Court. Chemerinsky is Dean of the UC-Irvine law…

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  • Ghosts Of Law-Careers Past - Lessons From "A Christmas Carol"

    … Victorian novelist Charles Dickens should be canonized by Roman Catholic Pope Francis as the Patron Saint of Career Change. Shifting careers is a tough nut to crack at any stage of a professional life. That's because it usually requires adopting new mental models, a knowledge base, agility in the field, and contacts. Beyond 30, it can be so…

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  • November marks 5-year anniversary of blog, legal novel, late nights

    … literary roots. In case you don’t know, I started this blog as a method to publish a legal novel—written all in one month, November 2009, as part of a national novel-writing effort. At the bottom of this post, I’ll share some links to a few chapters of the book. But before I do, here is how I previously described the adventure: “Originally…

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  • Manseau, “One Nation, Under Gods”

    Manseau, “One Nation, Under Gods” This January, Little, Brown and Company Publishing will release “One Nation, Under Gods: The Hidden History of the Religious United States” by Peter Manseau (Smithsonian Fellow). The publisher’s description follows: At the heart of the nation’s spiritual history are audacious and often violent scenes.

    John Boersma/ CENTER FOR LAW AND RELIGION FORUM- 2 readers -
  • Granquist, “Lutherans in America”

    … that tells a complete story—not only about politics and policies but also the piety and the practical experiences of the Lutheran men and women who lived and worked in the American context. Bringing the story all the way to the present day and complemented with new charts, maps, images, and sidebars, Granquist ably covers the full range of Lutheran expressions, bringing order and clarity to a complex and vibrant tradition. Like this: Like Loading... Related …

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  • The Judge Has To Stop Judging So Harshly - "The Children Act" By Ian McEwan

    … In what the author Ian McEwan calls the "infancy of old age," British Family Court Judge Fiona Maye has a middle-aged crisis. That's what the 2014 novel "The Children Act" narrates. Here you can order it from Amazon. McEwan also wrote that best-seller "Atonement." Like most who find themselves in that kind of pickle, she is thrown off her game…

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 1 readers -
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