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    • Declaring Bankruptcy in Wage Garnishment Cases

      The prospect of wage garnishment is undoubtedly a scary one for most people. If you are in debt and your wages are subject to garnishment, you need an experienced attorney in your corner every step of the way. The skilled bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp can help you determine whether or not you should declare bankruptcy in a wage garnishment case and c ... 14 readers -
  • Advantages of Declaring a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    … and assets while your bankruptcy case is pending. Since the timeline in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is extended over a period of three to five years, you are given considerably more time to pay off all of your outstanding debts. Contact a Missouri Bankruptcy Lawyer Today for an Initial Consultation A Missouri bankruptcy lawyer can help you decide whether… 26 readers -
  • Contesting a Will in St. Louis

    … An individual creates a will to describe how his or her finances and assets are to be distributed upon his or her death. Most of the time, the Decedent’s estate is distributed according to the will. Occasionally, the Decedent’s surviving members will contest the contents of the will. Surviving family members will contest the validity… 14 readers -
  • Proper Estate Planning is Essential

    … Talking about and planning for one’s death is not regularly discussed in Saint Louis or across the United States. People would much rather delay thinking about their demise instead of plan for this inevitable event. Some individuals will delay thinking about their death at all costs. However, proper estate planning is essential. Estate planning… 11 readers -
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Eligibility and Procedure

    … Bankruptcy is a legal procedure by which individuals and businesses can discard debt or agree to repayment plans with creditors. For many, bankruptcy provides an opportunity to start again while repaying debts. Still, filing bankruptcy comes with a stigma despite the fact that nearly 800,000 individuals and businesses filed for bankruptcy in 2016… 14 readers -
  • What Happens to My Student Loans During Bankruptcy?

    … Student debt is crippling borrowers as well as the United States economy as a whole. Recently published statistics show that Americans owe more than $1 trillion dollars in student debt. As a result, many Americans with student debt are delaying or foregoing purchasing homes, moving, and even marriage. The increased attendance at colleges… 11 readers -
  • Child Support During Guardianship

    … If you have been appointed as the guardian of a minor child, the court has imposed both rights and responsibilities upon you. Child support during guardianships is a financial issue that some guardians may not even be aware of. If you have been appointed as guardian of a minor child, you have obligations to manage that child’s financial interests… 14 readers -
  • Grandparent Guardianship

    … It is not at all uncommon for parents to reach out for help in raising their children. When military deployments, medical diagnoses, or other personal circumstances prevent a parent from being able to fully engage with their children, a grandparent is often the first person to step in to help the family. In these circumstances, is a grandparent… 10 readers -
  • Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit?

    …. This is not necessarily true – remember, payment history is only one component of the FICO score. And even with a bankruptcy reported, your payment history component can be improved by reestablishing timely payments. Contact an Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney Today If you are experiencing financial difficulties, experienced Missouri attorney Kenneth P… 16 readers -
  • Why Would an Employer Protest My Unemployment Claim, and What Can I Do about It?

    … Under Missouri law, when you lose your job through no fault of your own or you leave a job for good cause, you are often entitled to unemployment benefits. This program is funded in part by taxes imposed on employers in the state, whose tax is based on their “experience rate,” which is partially determined by the number of claims made by former… 15 readers -
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