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  • Responsibilities of a Guardian in Missouri

    … Earlier this year, a mentally disabled man from Fulton, Missouri, was found dead in a storage unit. He had been reported missing from his group home a week before being found, but police estimated that he had died months beforehand. This means that the group home failed to report him missing during that time. Perhaps even more concerning… 10 readers -
  • How a Disaster Can Affect Unemployment

    … During the second half of 2017, numerous devastating disasters have wracked many parts of the United States. From the hurricane-related destruction in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgins Islands to the wildfires in Oregon and northern California, countless people have had their lives and homes ruined. Even if you do not lose your… 9 readers -
  • Charitable Giving as Part of Your Estate Plan

    … When deciding what to include in an estate plan, consider the nature of your assets and property, who your beneficiaries will be, and any relevant tax implications. One thing many people neglect to consider is the opportunity to set up charitable gifts as part of their estate plans. Charitable giving can have many benefits for your estate… 15 readers -
  • Will I Lose Everything I Own in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    … loss of assets. Bankruptcy will, however, result in a negative mark on your credit report for a number of years, which can result in higher interest rates or an inability to obtain financing. That said, for many people who are struggling with debt, filing for bankruptcy is clearly the best option. Chapter 7 can eliminate many different types of debt… 15 readers -
  • The Missouri Chapter 7 Means Test

    … If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, the Missouri Chapter 7 means test may come into play in order to determine your eligibility. Bankruptcy incorporates federal law and state law—both of which can be very complex. If you are contemplating filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you need an attorney on your side who knows and understands… 9 readers -
  • Eligibility for Unemployment in Missouri

    … thoroughly understands the unemployment appeals process and laws in Missouri. Contact a St. Louis Unemployment Attorney for Help At the Law Office of Kenneth Carp, we know how important unemployment benefits can be and also how frustrating the process of applying for benefits is for many people. Our St. Louis unemployment lawyer regularly helps people who… 9 readers -
  • Declaring Bankruptcy in Wage Garnishment Cases

    … The prospect of wage garnishment is undoubtedly a scary one for most people. If you are in debt and your wages are subject to garnishment, you need an experienced attorney in your corner every step of the way. The skilled bankruptcy lawyers at the Law Offices of Kenneth P. Carp can help you determine whether or not you should declare bankruptcy… 14 readers -
  • Advantages of Declaring a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    … Chapter 13 bankruptcies can be complicated processes. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows you time to reorganize your debts while at the same time retaining your assets. The payment process consists of a schedule of monthly payments that are made to the court over the course of a three-to-five-year period. This allows your creditors to receive… 27 readers -
  • Contesting a Will in St. Louis

    … desires. Wills are not executed to distribute assets according to the desires of another. On occasion, another person–be it a family member or an interested party–may unfairly influence the testator into adding or removing certain will provisions. Undue influence alters the testator’s true intentions. Improperly Signed Missouri law maintains… 14 readers -
  • Proper Estate Planning is Essential

    … Talking about and planning for one’s death is not regularly discussed in Saint Louis or across the United States. People would much rather delay thinking about their demise instead of plan for this inevitable event. Some individuals will delay thinking about their death at all costs. However, proper estate planning is essential. Estate planning… 11 readers -
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Eligibility and Procedure

    … abusing the bankruptcy system. In addition to the income test, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available to individuals who have received a bankruptcy discharge in the last six to eight years. What Happens to My Property? Filing for bankruptcy does not mean that you will be left homeless, penniless, and living on the street. This is a common… 14 readers -
  • What Happens to My Student Loans During Bankruptcy?

    … Student debt is crippling borrowers as well as the United States economy as a whole. Recently published statistics show that Americans owe more than $1 trillion dollars in student debt. As a result, many Americans with student debt are delaying or foregoing purchasing homes, moving, and even marriage. The increased attendance at colleges… 11 readers -
  • Child Support During Guardianship

    … If you have been appointed as the guardian of a minor child, the court has imposed both rights and responsibilities upon you. Child support during guardianships is a financial issue that some guardians may not even be aware of. If you have been appointed as guardian of a minor child, you have obligations to manage that child’s financial interests… 14 readers -
  • Grandparent Guardianship

    … to achieve, but they can be appropriate when a parent has difficulty acknowledging that he or she needs help raising a child (or when a parent is no longer alive to consent to a grandparent’s appointment as legal guardian). Contact an Experienced St. Louis Guardianship Attorney Today If you have questions about obtaining a grandparents’ rights… 10 readers -
  • Will Bankruptcy Ruin My Credit?

    …. How Long Does Bankruptcy Stay on a Credit Report? A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy stays on the public record for ten years. All other bankruptcy references are only in the public record for seven years. A common misperception is that a FICO score will remain low for as long as the bankruptcy is in the public record and reported to the credit bureaus… 16 readers -
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