Black Ice

Black ice, sometimes called clear ice, refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface. While not truly black, it is virtually transparent, allowing black asphalt/macadam roadways or the surface below to be seen through it—hence the term "black ice". The typically low levels of noticeable ice pellets, snow, or sleet surrounding black ice means that areas of the ice are often practically invisible to drivers or persons stepping on it. There is, thus, a risk of skidding and subsequent accident due to the loss of traction. A similar problem is encountered with diesel fuel spills on roads.
Posts about Black Ice
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    …, as well as windows and windshields full of snow or ice, can make it difficult for drivers to see traffic or potential hazards, thereby increasing the risk of getting into an accident. Black Ice: The layer of ice on the road that is unseen by drivers because it blends in with asphalt road surfaces is known as black ice. It can appear quickly…

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    … before a winter ride. Make sure the hoses are in good shape and that your fluids are changed and topped off. Slow down. When you are dealing with wet pavement, and potentially black ice, do not risk your and others’ lives by speeding. Stick to the speed limit or go even slower, if necessary. Know the signs of black ice. Black ice is incredibly…

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