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  • Law, Drugs, Addiction, Death.

    …: AA and Beyond, published on July 13 in Above The Law. This article discusses a second-year associate’s path of alcohol abuse that ramped up in law school, enhanced by designer drugs and speed. The law student is now a litigation associate in a New York firm. He is five years’ sober–alive and, in his words, “shimmying out of this miserable goddamn…

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  • $3 Billion in False Claims Act Recoveries “Isn’t Enough”? We Agree!

    … called the Lincoln Law or Qui Tam”), whistleblowers can earn up to 30% of whatever the government collects. With penalties soon doubling, whistleblower awards will also increase over time. There has never been a better time to become a whistleblower! Think you have information about fraud regarding a government program or funds? Give us a call. Our…

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