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  • Millennials Are Struggling with Health Care Costs

    … regarding Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, stopping a foreclosure or wage garnishment, avoiding liens, stopping law suits, discharging medical debt, personal loans, payday loans, credit card debt, etc. Contact us today, and we will analyze your situation and help you make the best decision possible. The post Millennials Are Struggling with Health Care Costs appeared first on Bond & Botes. …

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  • Timing Is Everything: The Means Test

    … If you are contemplating bankruptcy, you may have searched the topic on the internet and seen something called the “Means Test”. For in-depth information on the Means Test, you can visit The United States Department of Justice’s website. What Is the Means Test? In 2005, Congress added the Means Test to all bankruptcy filings in an attempt…

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  • Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt

    …, and will know what assets will be protected before filing a bankruptcy petition. Other Financial Options for Your Credit Card Debt For situations in which bankruptcy is not appropriate, you have other options available for debt relief. You can consolidate your debts by paying off high-interest loans with a single loan at a lower interest rate. In some cases… 17 readers -
  • Building Your Credit for the New Year

    … will reflect positively. At Bond & Botes, we focus on helping people find a solution to financial difficulties. Filing for bankruptcy relief is often one of the quickest and most effective ways of cleaning up bad credit or delinquent accounts that are hurting your chances for future good credit. We offer free initial consultations with our…

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  • West Coast Homeless Population Booms, Causing National Increase

    … According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s annual Point in Time report released this month, the U.S. homeless population increased for the first time since 2010. The report showed that during counts taken in January, nearly 554,000 homeless people are living in the U.S. That number is up nearly 1% from 2016…

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  • Is Your Debt Load Piling Up?

    … According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), individuals and companies are piling on debt at levels last seen just prior to the financial crisis a few years back. The IMF reports that borrowing in the “non-financial sector” has surpassed the pre-crisis high. The “non-financial sector” is composed of governments, non-financial companies…

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  • Financial Problems and the Holidays

    … to help you prepare if you are contemplating bankruptcy in the next few months. The Do’s and Don’ts Do: Use some of your federal income tax refund First, many people find it helpful to file bankruptcy around the time they get their federal income tax refund. They use the money they get back to pay the fees associated with bankruptcy. Now, would be a good…

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  • Steps to Take to Overcome Bankruptcy

    … Entrepreneur magazine published an article last year about how entrepreneurs rebound from filing bankruptcy and move forward with their lives. After reading the article I believe the recommendations are solid for individuals who have filed or are considering filing. My Thoughts on the Recommendations Face your financial problems head…

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  • What are Some Bankruptcy Myths?

    … I love my law firm of Bond and Botes, my law partners, my law associates, my employees and the practice of Consumer Bankruptcy very much. It is a great thing to love what you do and who you do it with and I am so blessed to get to do just that every day. I also love my clients and solving the financial problems they bring to our offices at Bond…

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  • Freedom Debt Relief Accused of Deceiving Customers

    … a free consultation. We are knowledgeable, local attorneys who go over all of your options. We also help to settle your debts, budget and file for bankruptcy. Our attorneys have helped many consumers in Alabama, Tennessee and Mississippi over the last 25 years. The post Freedom Debt Relief Accused of Deceiving Customers appeared first on Bond & Botes. …

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  • Changes to Reverse Mortgages (HECM’s)

    … In a prior blog post, I discussed what a Reverse Mortgage is. I also went into detail about some of the basic rules to qualify for one, where you get them, and cautioned about the negative aspects of them. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently changed some of the guidelines to implement policies issued under the Reverse…

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  • What Is an Unsecured Debt?

    … with collection. Collection can include garnishment of your bank account or wages or execution on your home, vehicles or other personal property for a sale at an auction by the sheriff. Feeling Overwhelmed by Unsecured Debt? Bankruptcy will stop a lawsuit in its tracks. If you aren’t happy with your finances or if you realize that your bills are getting…

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  • Mark Your Calendars Payday Lenders: New Rules Expected to Take Effect in 2019 (Maybe)

    … to cliche, we will wait and see who wins the day: large companies or the consumer. If you’ve run into a problem with a payday lender, your best bet would be to contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney to discuss your options. The attorneys at Bond & Botes, P.C. have years of experience dealing with a wide variety of loans and debt. Contact one…

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