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    • Rollover Accidents Are Common on ATVs

      In many rural parts of Georgia, all-terrain vehicles are not just a recreational pleasure. They are part of the way of life. Sadly, rollover accidents are common for ATV riders. Many people in Georgia ride ATVs and four-wheelers while farming, hunting, traveling, or surveying their land. In some areas, they are used more widely than other vehicles.

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    • Seven Most Dangerous Things to Ignore on Your Car

      As cars get older they become more prone to accidents if they are not properly maintained. When a car breaks down on a busy highway like the interstates around Atlanta, drivers and passengers can be placed in danger. Here are seven most dangerous on your car that you ignore at your peril. Common car dangers 1 The Timing Belt The timing belt will snap if you don’t replace it.

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  • Five Bad Weather Driving Tips in Atlanta

    … wary of shady spots where the sun has not melted ice. If you believe ice is on the road, cut your speed. If you go into a skid at a high speed, you may lose control of your car and cause a very serious accident. Five bad weather driving tips 2 Be Prepared In 2014, less than two inches of snow crippled Atlanta. Drivers were stranded…

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  • Four Common Car Accident injuries

    … are among the most serious types of injuries you can sustain in an auto wreck. Your life may never be the same again. Generally, there are two types of injury – impact injuries, and penetrating injuries. Impact injuries usually occur when part of the victim’s body makes contact with some part of the interior of the car. For example, a limb hits…

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  • How Can You Tell if You Have a Concussion After a Car Wreck?

    … Brain injuries are one of the most serious potential consequences of an auto accident. Unlike a broken limb or a laceration, you can’t always tell if you have a concussion after a car wreck. If you have a brain injury, it may be missed by the medical professionals. The symptoms can be mistaken for a less serious condition. Emergency rooms miss…

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  • Are You to Blame for a Rear-Ender Wreck?

    … If you hit another vehicle from behind, there is a common perception an accident is your fault. However, this assumption cannot always be made if you are involved in a rear-ender wreck. The concept of negligence is more important in apportioning blame for car crashes in Georgia than the circumstances in some cases. While many drivers who hit…

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  • Hurt in a Car Accident But Don’t Have Insurance?

    …How does a lack of insurance affect a car accident injury claim? By law, all drivers are required to carry liability auto insurance to cover any damages caused should you cause a car accident. That being said, quite a number of Texans drive without insurance due to various reasons. While driving without insurance is irresponsible, it’s…

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  • Atlanta Smart Corridor Project Aims to Improve Road Safety

    …. However, safety is not compromised. The system aims to make travel more efficient by reducing wait times, not by increasing travel speeds. The reduction of stop and starts reduces wear and tear on vehicles and the road. It can reduce harmful emissions and improve air quality and cut accidents which may be caused by sudden stops. Renew Atlanta said…

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  • Pedestrian Was Hit and Killed Near I-285 in DeKalb County

    … than in the past. Pedestrians who are hurt may have a right to sue the insurance company of an at-fault driver. Family members of a deceased pedestrian may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit. An Atlanta area personal injury lawyer can help you. Please contact us today. The post Pedestrian Was Hit and Killed Near I-285 in DeKalb County appeared first on Law Office of Michael West. …

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  • Stiffer Distracted Driving Laws Target Cell Phone Use

    …, House Speaker David Ralston appointed seven Republicans and three Democrats to a study committee on the issue. The group will consider the role of distracted drivers in the state’s high number of fatal accidents and other accidents. A resolution creating the study committee stated the rate of fatal car crashes in Georgia is rising at three times…

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