• Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board Lowers Fee for Gaming Licenses

    The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board announced yesterday that it was lowering the license fee for a tavern gaming license from $2,000 to $500.  It’s safe to assume that the PLCB has had to take a long hard look at its tavern gaming licensing process, application fees and regulations because of the minimal interest that eligible bars and restaurants have had in seeking the gaming license.

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  • Delaware Supreme Court Adopts Exception to Attorney-Client Privilege

    Authored By Albert H. Manwaring, IV This article was originally published in the Delaware Business Court Insider | August 13, 2014 In Garner v. Wolfinbarger, 430 F.2d 1093 (5th Cir. 1970), the U.S.

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    • Trademark Pronunciation Revisited

      Remember this little gem on trademark pronunciation from the DuetsBlog archives two years ago? Open Wide and Say Ahh: Probing Brand Name & Trademark Pronunciation Judging from a search of Google, the JD Supra version of this post has gotten lots of traction.
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    • Monkey See, Monkey Do Selfie?

      Is photography nowadays really so easy even a monkey can do it? What about a caveman? If Wikimedia is right, the caveman would own a copyright in his selfie (or perhaps Geico, under the work for hire doctrine) because he is a human being, capable of being an author under U.S. copyright law, but not the monkey — his or her selfie immediately becomes part of the public domain.
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    • Navigating Trademark Oppositions and Cancellation Proceedings at the TTAB

      Please join me for a live and informative 90 minute Strafford law webinar a week from tomorrow, on Wednesday August 13, at noon CST. The topic to be covered is “Navigating Trademark Oppositions and Cancellation Proceedings at the TTAB,” and here is a link for more information. For the discussion, I’m joined by two very capable TTAB practitioners: Linda McLeod of Kelly IP in Washington, D.C.
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    • Arbitrability Decisions Before, During, and After Arbitration

      …John James Barcelo III, William Nelson Cromwell Professor of International and Comparative Law and Elizabeth and Arthur Reich Director, Leo and Arvilla Berger International Legal Studies Program at Cornell University Law School, has authored Arbitrability Decisions Before, During, and After Arbitration, Liber Amicorum (2015), Forthcoming; Cornell…

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    • Rents for apartments and businesses are continuing to climb

      …Apartment rents rose 3.2% in the first quarter of 2014 compared to the same period of last year, according to a study by research firm Reis Inc. Rents are up 13% across the country on average since 2009. And there’s reason to think that rents will continue to increase. For one thing, both home prices and interest rates have risen recently, pricing…

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    • Tribal Crypto-Currency MazaCoin Gaining Recognition

      …Newsweek is reporting on how the virtual currency Mazacoin has joined the ranks of alternatives to Bitcoin now trading in the “Wild West” of 21st century digital currencies. The brainchild of Payu Harris, a Cheyenne with Oglala Sioux heritage and a mysterious programmer known only as “AnonymousPirate,” Mazacoin announced its ambition to replace…

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    • How "Deemed Denial" Impacts the Deadline for Civil Appeals

      …In the August 2014 issue of the Hawaii Bar Journal, this blogger has the following article on the impact of the "deemed denial" of a post-judgment motion on the deadline to file a notice of appeal in civil cases: Deemed Denial and the Deadline to File Notices of Appeal in Civil Cases by copelandlawllc…

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    • Rising Oceans Threaten Native American Historical Sites

      …The Los Angeles Times is reporting on the threat rising sea levels pose for coastal Native American archaeological sites, like those found on Santa Cruz Island off mainland California. "We're standing on a living history book, and we're losing pages from it every day." Gil Unzueta (Chumash), who is monitoring the survey effort to catalog…

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    • Popular Acne Medications Can Cause Serious Allergic Reactions

      …The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning consumers that some popular over-the-counter acne medications may cause serious allergic reactions that can limit breathing and cause swelling of the face. The exact ingredients causing the trouble may not be known. Consumers should stop using these products if they have any reaction, the FDA said…

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    • I’m Gumby Dammit — A Flexible Trademark?

      …The Minnesota History Center is currently promoting its Toys of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s exhibit — my favorite promotional billboard is the one captured above, featuring none other than Gumby. I can still remember my Gumby toy and watching the Gumby Show as a young child along with the Davey & Goliath television series, both creations of Art…

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    • Director's Only Swim Time

      … If your association has a pool, odds are it's been busy this summer with all the 90 degree days we've enjoyed.   And even though we are well into swimming season, it is not too late to review your pool rules to make sure they don't swim against the current of the Federal Fair Housing Act (FHA). In our experience, most associations draft…

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    • ABA Opens Full Membership To Tribal Court Practitioners

      …The American Bar Association (ABA) House of Delegates has unanimously voted to amend the ABA Constitution to permit Tribal Court practitioners to be full members of the ABA. “We commend the ABA for recognizing that there are three sovereign court systems in the United States (federal, state and Tribal) and for amending its constitution to permit…

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    • Want to build a second home next to your current one?

      … Many cities have liberalized their zoning laws in recent years to allow people who live in single-family homes to add a second home on their property. They can do this by creating a basement apartment, building an “add-on” apartment to the house, or even constructing a separate cottage in the backyard. Cities are responding to requests from…

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    • Mediator Ethical Breaches: Implications for Public Policy

      … Hamline University School of Law Professor Sharon Press has published Mediator Ethical Breaches: Implications for Public Policy, Penn State Yearbook on Arbitration and Mediation, Vol. 6, p. 107 (2014). In her article, Professor Press discusses the public policy goals behind court-connected mediation. She also examines the effect that grievances…

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