… As you know from prior postings, arbitration is a creature of contract. Hence, if you want your disputes to be resolved through arbitration, as opposed to litigation, make sure to include an arbitration provision in your agreement that covers all disputes arising out of or relating to the agreement. Under certain circumstances, a non-signatory…

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  • Arbitration Redux: Supreme Court Speaks Again

    … Just seven days after my last blog post on arbitration clauses, the United States Supreme Court issued its decision in DIRECTV, Inc. v. Imburgia finding, yet again, that a class action waiver provision was enforceable against a consumer. Although the decision turned on a rather nuanced question of contract interpretation, it serves as a powerful…

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  • Forced Arbitration: Corporate Power Over the People

    …. . . . By banning class actions, companies have essentially disabled consumer challenges to practices like predatory lending, wage theft and discrimination, court records show.” Arbitration is stacked in favor of the big guy-the corporation, the doctor, or the employer. “Private judging is an oxymoron,” Anthony Kline, a California appeals court judge, said…

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  • Times reports on forced arbitration and disability discrimination

    … NEWS/BLOG Current news at our Firm and reports from the front line on breaking news for employees. We update you on current issues in our field and explain how they affect your legal rights in the workplace. Whether it's a new statute a new court decision, an election or tips on how to protect yourself at work, read about it here…

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  • What is Arbitration?

    … to court but must instead have the dispute resolved by a private third dispute resolution company. The most well known arbitration company is the American Arbitration Association (AAA) but there are other less known ones like JAMS. The initial intent of arbitration was to provide an expedited forum for resolving disputes free from the expense…

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  • Are Corporations Treating Our Troops (And You) Fairly?

    …, the leasing company involved. A spokesperson for Santander Company, said that since 2012, “the lender has used systemic controls to prevent improper repossessions of vehicles,” adding that this included vehicles of military members protected under the S.C.R.A. (NY Times, 3/10/15) The government has historically offered certain protections to troops serving…

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