Alimony (also called aliment (Scotland), maintenance (England, Northern Ireland, Wales, Canada), spousal support (U.S., Canada) and spousal maintenance (Australia)) is a legal obligation on a person to provide financial support to his or her spouse before or after marital separation or divorce. The obligation arises from the divorce law or family law of each country. Traditionally, alimony was paid by a husband to his former wife, but since the 1970s there have been moves in many Western countries towards gender equality with a corresponding recognition that a former husband may also be entitled to alimony from his former wife.
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  • Military Divorce while Overseas

    … and property taxes, voting records, bank accounts, vehicle titles and registration, driver’s license and any other act or property that shows a permanency of residence. Military personnel are allowed to retain the right to their original domicile (where they pay taxes) regardless of where they are stationed in the world.” 2) If you are overseas and your…

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  • The Power of Mediation During a Divorce

    … isn’t necessarily final. Both sides can appeal a court’s decision. With mediation, there is no chance of an appeal. Also, if you would like to modify your agreement at some point in the future, your mediator can assist you through that process. Because your mediator already knows everything about your case and family they can help to quickly solve…

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  • Rhode Island Family Court: The Basics

    … of alimony, child support, property, and the custody of the children. Furthermore, the court oversees premarital agreements, same-sex agreements, and partner agreements to protect assets and children. Also, the Family Court oversees matters regarding children who are delinquent or wayward. They may also see cases involving children that are neglected…

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  • Pre-Marriage Agreement: 6 Things to Consider

    … switches to a lower paying job, does that mean they should receive less in separation proceedings? These are questions to ask and define when drafting a pre-marriage agreement. 5. Spousal Support and Alimony Probably one of the most well-known purposes of a prenuptial agreement is the definition of spousal support in case of divorce. A pre-marriage…

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  • Kristy Garside Presenting at Morgan Stanley Event

    … is a judgement, decree, or order for a retirement plan to pay marital property rights, alimony, or child support to a spouse, former spouse, child or other dependent. Please join Kristy this Thursday, March 23rd at Noon for her presentation. The post Kristy Garside Presenting at Morgan Stanley Event appeared first on . …

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  • Should You File Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 if You Owe an Ex-Spouse?

    … best suit your situation. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has instructed courts to review the following factors to determine if an obligation, including a non-designated obligation, is in the nature of support: (i) a label such as alimony, support or maintenance in the decree or agreement; (ii) a direct payment to the former spouse, as opposed…

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  • Dealing with Financial Issues and Security Clearance

    …, or seeking assistance from, a credit counseling service or other similar resource to resolve your financial difficulties? 26.6. Other than previously listed, have any of the following happened to you? In the past seven (7) years, you have been delinquent on alimony or child support payments. In the past seven (7) years, you had a judgment…

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  • What is the 341 Meeting in a Bankruptcy Case?

    … is the address of your current employer? Is the copy of the tax return you provided a true copy of your most recent tax return? Do you have a domestic support obligation, (child support or alimony)? Are you current on your post-petition child support or alimony obligations? Have you filed all required tax returns for the past four years…

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  • Virginia Prenuptial Agreements

    …. Financial rights: Couples can use a prenuptial agreement to clarify their financial rights and responsibilities during the marriage regardless of their level of wealth. Divorce arguments: Prenuptial agreements can specify in advance how their property will be divided and whether or not either spouse will receive alimony or spousal support in the event…

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  • Preparing to Get a Divorce in Oregon or Washington

    … A Four Part Guide to Getting a Divorce in Oregon or Washington: Part Two, Preparing to Get a Divorce Every marriage has rocky times and nobody wants to go through a divorce if they don’t have to. When people are in a marriage that has fallen on rough times, or where they have started to realize their feelings may have changed for their spouse…

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  • Final Judgment Merges And Disposes Of All Interlocutory Orders

    … the administration. For example, during the pendency of a probate administration, the Court may (i) admit a will to probate; (ii) appoint a personal representative; (iii) order the sale of personal property; (iv) permit the sale of real property, (v) declare property to be homestead property, or (vi) direct the payment of attorney fees. Each of these…

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