• Mmm (Mmm, Good) Coca-Cola?

    … Love the recent holiday billboard ad for the beloved Coca-Cola brand! Having said that, whenever I see branding around the sound Mmm, for food and beverage products, even if it is only one Mmm, and not back-to-back Mmm, Mmms, I’m thinking old school: Campbell’s Soup. No wonder, Campbell’s M’M! M’M! GOOD! slogan has lasted nearly 80 years…

    Steve Baird/ DuetsBlog- 5 readers -
  • Is Any Lawyer Advertising Good?

    … I’m not a fan of lawyer advertising. Likely because so much is dreadful (though not all). Or ethically challenged. But when The Fishtown Lawyers, Leo Mulvihill and Jordan Rushie, were contacted by the Philadelphia Eagles about advertising during their games, I think they missed the boat by saying “no” too quickly. So I’ve taken the liberty…

    Eric Turkewitz/ New York Personal Injury Law Blog- 5 readers -
  • Carnegie Mellon Grades Privacy of Android Apps

    … Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have designed a website that doles out grades to Android apps based on their privacy practices. The website,, assigns grades based on a model that measures the gap between people’s expectations of an app’s behavior and how the app actually behaves. The grades range from A+, representing…

    Katherine Gasztonyi/ Inside Privacy- 2 readers -
  • TRENDING: Minnesota’s Midwestern “Identity Crisis”

    … a recognizable landmark like the Spoonbridge and Cherry, the shots could be taken in Michigan. So the promise of “Only in Minnesota” rings just a bit hollow sometimes. Speaking of Michigan, I’ve always been a huge fan of their long-running tourism campaign, “Pure Michigan.” Pure Michigan captures a mood or a spirit with its branding or advertising…

    Ben Kwan/ DuetsBlog- 4 readers -
  • Join Us In Dallas To Discuss The State Of Biglaw

    … The “New Normal” is no longer new. On Wednesday, December 3, from 6 to 9 p.m., join preeminent law firm management consultant Bruce MacEwen, global director at Pangea3 Ed Sohn, K&L Gates Dallas administrative partner Craig Budner, and Novation SVP and general counsel Jill Witter as they discuss their perspectives on Biglaw firms…

    Above the Lawin Texas- 1 readers -
  • Launching: LimeGreen IP News

    … Hogan Lovells’ Intellectual Property, Media and Technology team is excited to announce the launch of LimeGreen IP News. Complementing our LimeGreen IP know-how site, this new online news platform is designed not only to provide you with detailed discussion on recent case law and decisions but also to provide the latest business critical IP trends…

    Global Media and Communications Watch- 3 readers -
  • 1Ls: Why You Should Do A Service Internship Abroad

    … Projects Abroad is looking for 1Ls to volunteer on a Law & Human Rights internship in Cape Town, South Africa, during summer 2015. With its chilling and recent history of apartheid and colonialism, South Africa is a critical place to work for human rights advocacy. “Projects Abroad runs a legal clinic serving marginalized…

    Above the Law- 2 readers -
  • Above The Law Will Be Visiting Chicago

    … As part of a nationwide tour, Above the Law is coming to the great city of Chicago. Join preeminent law firm management consultant Bruce MacEwen, Katten Muchin Chicago managing partner Gil Sofer, JPMorgan Chase & Co. assistant general counsel Jason Shaffer, and Joe Borstein of Pangea3 for a panel discussion (sponsored by Pangea3…

    Above the Law- 1 readers -
  • Extreme Makeover: EPA Edition

    …), but with voters that turn out on a regular basis. To do so, it must make the impact of environmental regulation personal. Fortunately, the EPA has a lot of "before and after" images to use in its advertising campaign. For example, above is a picture of air pollution in Los Angeles in 1968, before the Clean Air Act was passed in 1970, and 2005, 35 years…

    Shari Shapiro/ Green Building Law Blog- 1 readers -
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