• Bo Knows, How To Beat a Trademark Bully

      This Bo might not have won the Heisman Trophy, he might not have played in the NFL or MLB, he might not have enjoyed a lucrative Nike endorsement deal, and he might not have been named ESPN’s greatest athlete of all time, but this Bo — the defiant Vermonter, a/k/a Bo Muller-Moore, knows how to defend his “Eat More Kale” trademark and turn a trademark bully into fried chicken: As you know, we h.

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    • Top 10 Branding Tips Using PR

      - Debbie Laskey, MBA There is an often-overlooked aspect of marketing that can be considered a distant relative. Public relations, also referred to as PR, is this sometimes forgotten but very important component of marketing promotions. At its core, PR can be defined as managing a brand’s image and reputation, but it touches all aspects of a business including employees, sha ...

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  • Henley Is Not Taking It Easy

    … a Henley was by reading the complaint filed by Don Henley against the Duluth Trading Company. Henleys (the shirts) are named after rowers that donned (no pun intended) them while rowing in royal regattas called Henley-On-Thames. Don Henley sued Duluth Trading Company based on the ad campaign, alleging violation of his common law and statutory rights…

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  • 12 Lateral Interview Tips from a Legal Recruiter

    … Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts on lateral partner moves from Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Abby Gordon is a Director with Lateral Link’s New York office. Abby works with attorney candidates on law firm and in-house searches, primarily in New York, Boston, and Europe. Prior to joining Lateral Link…

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  • Thanks So Much To Our Advertisers This Week On ATL

    … Review Thomson Reuters Villanova University School of Law Wolters Kluwer If you’re interested in advertising on Above the Law or any other site in the Breaking Media network, please download our media kits or email Thanks! Related Stories 8 Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making Merger Or Acquisition? Will Locke Lord Follow The Morgan Lewis Model? Why Are Bar Exam Retakers Failing At A High Rate? …

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  • 8 Mistakes Your Law Firm Might Be Making

    … on a deal for an extended period of time. The whole time they were there, no partner ever stopped by the conference room to say hello. But Witter and her team knew the partner was in the building because “every now and then, the associate would just trundle off to go ask the partner something.” 8. Resting on your laurels. Biglaw firms face increasing…

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  • Squeezing the Most Out of a Product Feature

    … a missed intellectual property opportunity to you? What about a missed marketing opportunity? What if I told you that eight out of the nine reviews I found on Garnier’s website and Amazon mentioned the feature? Here are a few: I came across this product because my roommate threw it in the trash. She does that a lot; it’s how I try a lot of beauty…

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  • Texas Charges RIA with Using Misleading Brochure and Advertisements

    … Last week the Texas State Securities Board's Office of Inspections and Compliance charged Mowery Capital Management, LLC ("Mowery Capital") and one of its investment adviser representatives (collectively "Respondents") with fraud for failing to disclose certain conflicts of interests, charging excessive fees, plagiarizing advertising material…

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  • Merger Or Acquisition? Will Locke Lord Follow The Morgan Lewis Model?

    … Michael Allen Ed. note: This is the latest installment in a series of posts Lateral Link’s team of expert contributors. Michael Allen is Managing Principal at Lateral Link, focusing exclusively on partner placements with Am Law 200 clients. With the announcement that Locke Lord is acquiring combining with Edwards Wildman, many are wondering…

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  • Why are Bar Exam Retakers Failing at a High Rate?

    … In 2013, the nationwide pass rate for the July bar exam was 72%. However, those numbers do not tell the whole story. A closer look into the July 2013 pass rate reveals that 1st time bar exam takers passed at an 80% rate while repeat exam takers passed at only a 29% mark. How is it possible that such a discrepancy exists? Why is it that people…

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  • Thanks To All Of Our Advertisers This Week

    … Advertising Thanks To All Of Our Advertisers This Week By Above the Law Thanks to our advertisers here at Above the Law: If you’re interested in advertising on Above the Law or any other site in the Breaking Media network, please download our media kits or email Thanks! © 2014 Breaking Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Registration or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.…

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  • No IP Holes in this Crystal Head

    … skull bottle trade dress rights and its common law rights in the skull bottle trade dress, in addition to infringement of its registered copyright in the 3 dimensional sculpture embodied in the vodka bottle packaging, and infringement of the ornamental design features covered by a design patent (all issued rights shown in the exhibits attached…

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  • The Shiny Bright Red Holiday Star Brand(s)

    … a decade old now). It is a curious decision for Heineken to bind rights in the red star for beer to the green/white/black trade dress — given the substantial brand equity in the red star logo for beer — because what it might end up with on another’s beer taps could leave it pounding its own fist (note the red/green/white trade dress on the Anti Hero IPA…

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  • The 2014 ATL Holiday Gift Guide

    … The holiday season is upon us, and yet again, you have no idea what to get for the fickle lawyer or law student in your life. We’re here to help. We’ve got an eclectic selection for you to choose from, so settle in by that stack of documents yet to be reviewed and dig…

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  • Law Firms And The No-Longer ‘New’ Normal: Insights On 7 Key Subjects

    … manageable form.” Pangea3 often helps companies in dealing with e-discovery issues, but its technology can be used outside of the litigation context too. For example, Borstein explained, for one bank Pangea3 created a “derivatives center” to document and track the various provisions contained in a huge volume of contracts for over-the-counter…

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  • Meet Us In Dallas To Discuss The State Of Biglaw In Texas

    … The “New Normal” is no longer new. On Wednesday, December 3, from 6 to 9 p.m., join preeminent law firm management consultant Bruce MacEwen, global director at Pangea3 Ed Sohn, K&L Gates Dallas administrative partner Craig Budner, and Novation SVP and general counsel Jill Witter as they discuss their perspectives on Biglaw firms, corporations, and managed service providers with a focus on law firm business models in the Texas economy. Please sign up below to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you there. …

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