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  • Will I Lose Everything I Own in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

    Chapter 7 is the most commonly filed form of consumer bankruptcy in the United States, and can greatly benefit people who have gotten into more debt than they can handle. The basic premise of a Chapter 7 is this: The court will liquidate (sell) your non-exempt assets and use the proceeds to pay off your debts.

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  • Why Yelp Should Be A Part of Your SEO Strategy

    As search engine algorithms are continually updated, optimizing your law firm website can become incredibly challenging. While there are several best practices that can help you build a solid foundation for your website, one of the most under-utilized, but highly effective SEO tools for law firms is Yelp.

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  • Are Older Teen Drivers a Greater Risk? – St. Louis Car Crash Attorneys

    Teen drivers often become overconfident after one or two years of driving. They tend to indulge in frivolous driving habits and put themselves and others at risk. Liberty Mutual is the fourth largest insurer in the US and has its branches in 30 countries. SADD or Students Against Destructive Decisions is the foremost organization which aims at preventing destructive attitudes a ...

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  • Looking for PG&E Whistleblowers – Napa Wildfires

    The Story Behind the 2017 Napa Wildfires – PG&E Whistleblowers Post I spent last weekend in Napa Valley. From Santa Rosa to Calistoga, the only talk is of the fires. Tourism will return, the wine still flows but for thousands of Californians, their lives were permanently altered by the fires. What can we learn from these deadly fires? How do we prevent them from happening ag ...

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  • What to do about sexual harassment at work

    Contact legal counsel immediately. Call us at 412-258-2250 or email us at cal@lambertonlaw.com. Check to see if your employer has an anti-harassment policy. This may be on the employer’s website. If it’s not, check your employee handbook. Finally, you can ask any supervisor (it does not have to be your supervisor) or someone in Human Resources (if your employer has an HR dep ...

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  • Crutchfield Files Court Challenge To Massachusetts “Economic Nexus” Regulation

    On October 24, 2017, Crutchfield Corporation filed suit in the Circuit Court for Albemarle County, Virginia, against officials in the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, challenging the validity of Massachusetts’ new “economic nexus” regulation. Crutchfield, represented by George Isaacson, Martin Eisenstein, and Matthew Schaefer, asserts that the new rule violates the Commerc ...

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  • Warning Signs Continue for Subprime Auto Loan Crisis

    Back in April of this year, I wrote about the rising number of delinquency and default rates in the subprime auto loan market. Since then, the warning signs are still flashing. According to data recently released by the New York Federal Reserve, 6.3 million Americans are late on their auto loan payments by 90 days or more.

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  • Congress Approves Tax Relief for Chapter 12 Family Farmers

    A piece of bipartisan legislation concerning Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code landed on the President’s desk for signature last week. The Family Farmer Bankruptcy Clarification Act of 2017 was sponsored by Senator Al Franken (D-Minn.) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), and was included as a part of the supplemental appropriations package that the Senate approved 82-7.

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