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  • Negligence Alone Insufficient for Compensation

    In any personal injury lawsuit, there are some basic legal and factual requirements that must be met in order for the claim to succeed. These requirements include establishment of: --A duty owed by defendant to plaintiff; --A breach of that duty; --Proof that breach proximately caused plaintiff's injuries; --Compensable damages.

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  • The man who wrote the words “We The People”

    Today marks the birth of maybe the most colorful of all the Founding Fathers. It was Gouverneur Morris who put the finishing touches on the Constitution in 1787, and gave the words “We The People” to all Americans. Morris lived an interesting and well-rounded life. Born on January 31, 1752 in what is now the Bronx, Morris was part of a wealthy family in New York.

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  • Adventures in Babysitting

    Taking Selfies with Alexander Last weekend at my cousin Andrew and his wife Erin had their second child, Elijah. He was born on Saturday morning and they were due to come home on Sunday evening. Andrew asked me if I could come over and watch their first child, Alexander, for a few hours on Sunday afternoon while he went to the hospital to pick up Erin and the baby.

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  • Charlie Crist: Protecting Public Access to Courts

    This November, Florida will again choose its new governor. With the polls indicating an extremely close race, it is more important than ever for all Florida Citizens to get out and vote for their candidate, and to be informed of what each candidate will be best for the interests of the Sunshine State.

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  • Conviction for Vehicular Manslaughter on Tamiami Trail Overturned

    The Third District Court of Appeals has overturned a major vehicular manslaughter guilty plea this week of a Miami man who crashed into a carload of tourists on Tamiami Trail. Luis Lazardo was speeding down the trail, at speeds up to 83.9 miles per hour when he struck a car full of tourists from the United Kingdom, killing passenger Rachel May Coulson.

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  • Illinois Estate Planning and Estate Tax Deductions

    Your funeral expenses, debts you owe at your death and expenses required to administer your estate are expenses which will need to be paid from your assets when you die. These expenses are deductible on your estate tax return which can result in estate tax savings for your family. If you do not owe estate taxes at your death, many of these expenses can be taken as income tax deductions.

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  • One Dead and Two Injured in Boating Accident

    A young woman is dead in Miami-Dade after a serious Columbus Day weekend Crash off of Biscayne Bay. The accident involved a large yacht, carrying 20 or more passengers, that struck a smaller boat which was carrying the deceased woman. The deadly crash comes not even 4 months since the multiple victim crash on July 4th that claimed the lives of four young people.

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  • Siletz Tribe takes issue with article in The Economist based on flawed study

    Tribe takes issue with article in The Economist based on flawed study In 2014 alone – $808,225 in higher education and adult vocational grants, $400,000 in out-of-area health care payments, $1,324,711 to Tribal Elders individually and to Elders programs designed to “increase overall Tribal health and educational attainment and to ameliorate the negative effects of termination…” These are just a .

    Matthew L.M. Fletcher/ Turtle Talk- 3 readers -
  • New Business Development For Uncertain Times - A/B/C/D Testing

    " ... research shows that under conditions of uncertainty, planning simply does not work." - Nathan Furr and Jeff Dyer in "The Innovator's Method: Bringing The Lean Startup Into Your Organization," Harvard Business Review Press, 2014. Here you can order the book from Amazon.com. With the exception of about a dozen large law firms, the business of law has become uncertain.

    Jane Genova/ Law And More- 4 readers -
  • Does Your Lease Address Big Data?

    I've drafted and reviewed dozens of farmland leases over the years, but I yet to see a lease that addresses the issues associated with ownership and transfer of farm data. As farmers embrace new data storage and analytic tools, it’s time to modernize the traditional farm lease to address farm data. This post begins a series of articles on how to address farm data ownership, priv ...

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  • Exxon Mobil adopts policy barring discrimination against LGBT individuals

    Exxon Mobil, the giant oil and gas corporation based in Texas, announced today that it has decided to change its equal employment opportunity (EEO) policies so that they now prohibit discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) individuals. Exxon Mobil has been under pressure for years to amend its EEO policies to add protections for LGBT individuals.

    Maine Employment Lawyer Blog- 5 readers -
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