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  • Know Your PTAB Judges: Meet PTAB Judge Justin T. Arbes

    Welcome to the first installment of Docket Alarm’s Know Your PTAB Judge newsletter. Each month, we will be featuring a profile on a different PTAB judge. This month, we are proud to feature Judge Justin T. Arbes for our kick-off edition. Background Judge Arbes is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Law.

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  • DWI & Potential License Suspension

    The state considers driving a privilege, not a right. One of the rules on the books that really encompasses this thought is the state’s implied consent law. This law states in relevant part that a person who operates a vehicle impliedly consents to submit to the chemical test provisions of this chapter as a condition of operating a motor vehicle.

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  • Florida Mugshot Removal

    Proposed Mugshot Removal Legislation, Florida Senate Bill 0276 Florida Senate Bill 0276 for the 2015 legislative session was introduced by Sen. Darren Soto of Kissimmee, Florida. The bill is intended to shut down the mug shot extortion industry. By now, most people are familiar with the industry. Bills have been introduced in previous sessions, but none have become law.

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  • Differences Between Legal and Physical Custody, and a Parenting Plan in Oregon

    Differences Between Legal and Physical Custody, and a Parenting Plan in Oregon January 28, 2015 by BrasierLaw During the course of a divorce or custody consultation, Brasier Law often receives questions about how to get custody of children, or how to change a parenting plan. It often comes up in these consultations that an explanation of the difference between legal custody ...

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  • Companies Associated with Dr. Oz Settle with FTC Over Deceptive Claims

    Dr. Oz is well known for promoting lose-weight-quick schemes on his popular television show. We now know that many of his claims are unsubstantiated, thanks to the work done by two Canadian researchers who studied Dr. Oz’s recommendations to see if there was any scientific evidence of their success. And yet he remains high in the ratings and has a cult-like following.

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  • Formaldehyde – a Carcinogen – Is Released in E-cigarettes’ Vapor

    You know that old saying, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”? That is not true all of the time. In the case of e-cigarettes, it could be years, 10-15 according to one expert, before we know the full dangers of e-cigarettes. A recent study, looking at the process of smoking e-cigarettes, was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The study, conducted by James F.

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  • Visit Docket Alarm at LegalTech 2015

    The 2015 NYC LegalTechshow is fast approaching. Join us at the largest event devoted solely to law and technology, taking place February 3rd-5th at The Hilton Hotel in New York City. The LegalTech Show brings together law firms, librarians, startups, developers, and many others to showcase the latest innovations and technology in the legal industry.

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  • How Does a Missouri Wrongful Death Lawsuit Arise?

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a reported1 126,438 deaths occurred in the United States in one year due to unintentional injuries. Such deaths are often sudden and completely unexpected, leaving surviving family members shocked and grieving. Additionally, if the deceased was a provider of financial support or child care for the household, the ... 6 readers -
  • Wisner Man Dies in Franklin Parish Crash

    Wisner Man Dies in Franklin Parish Crash Filed under: Auto Accident Source: On January 26, 2015, at 07:00 a.m., Troopers assigned to Louisiana State Police Troop F responded to a single-vehicle crash on US Highway 425 approximately 1 mile south of the community of Baskin that claimed the life of a Wisner man.

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  • CFPB Offers Student Loan Borrowers Advice For New Year

    CFPB Offers Student Loan Borrowers Advice For New Year Millions of Americans are currently struggling with student loan debt. In fact, Forbes reports1 that the student loan default rate was at 13.7 percent as of September, 2014. Falling behind on your student loans can have many negative consequences, including being unable to obtain financing for large purchases or being ch ...

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  • Eric S. Block Wins Prestigious 2014 Litigator Award

    On January 16th 2015 the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents announced that the Offices of Eric S. Block received the Prestigious 2014 Litigator Award ™ A press release issued by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents stated that “Having been conferred this prestigious National Award, the firm ranks among the Top 1% of all lawyers for: Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injury and Auto Accident Litigation.

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