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  • Jersey Doc Accused of Medicaid, Medicare Fraud

    Medicaid and Medicare fraud are federal crimes. Defraud a government backed healthcare program and you could go to prison for 10 years. If someone is harmed as the result of the fraud the maximum penalty is 20 years! One might think that would stop many would-be fraudsters from committing these crimes.

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  • Small Time Bank, Big Time Fraud (Whistleblower Post)

    Last month the U.S. Department of Justice charged Gary Patton Hall with 6 counts of bank fraud and one count of defrauding the United States. Until its failure in late 2010, Hall was the CEO of Georgia based Tifton Banking Co. State officials shut down the bank in November of that year after it became insolvent.

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  • Personal Injury 101

    A Tort, is a where one deviates from the standard of care, from societies norms. It is an action that causes harm to a person or property. It is not a crime. Torts are civil actions. There are numerous Torts. Personal Injury cases derive from the absence of acting reasonably, a failure of care, resulting in harm to a person and/or property, which is called Negligence.

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  • Chicago Lakefront Path Accidents

    One of the best things about Chicago is the lakefront trail path. Few things beat heading out for a bike ride or stroll on a sunny afternoon. As the harsh winter continues to drag on, people all over Chicago go stir-crazy waiting for the first warm, sunny day to visit the lakefront path. Even in winter, however, the lakefront trail stays busy.

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  • Paul White Fraud

    Paul White Fraud February 28, 2015 Paul White of Huntington, NY Receives up to 63 years in Prison for Financial Fraud Paul White, 56 and of Huntington, New York, has been sentenced to decades in prison for a land investment fraud that reportedly cheated left clients losing their retirement savings, according to reports from the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office currently under review by.

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  • Moving Out of State with a Parenting Plan in Oregon or Washington

    Moving Out of State with a Parenting Plan in Oregon or Washington February 28, 2015 by BrasierLaw Do you have a parenting plan in Oregon or Washington and are now looking into moving out of state? Often times people run into the situation where they finalize their custody and parenting plan, then months or years later one of the parents need to move to a different state.

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  • Jason Kronick (New Jersey) Named in Securities Complaint

    The securities industry employs hundreds of thousands of people. Most have clean records and are honest. Not every stockbroker is good at what they do but most play by the rules. And then there are folks like Jason Kronick. This week the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority – FINRA – filed formal charges against Kronick claiming he failed to disclose two unsatisfied judgments.

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  • World Equity Group Is Charged for Failing to Supervise Sales of Risky Investments

    World Equity Group Is Charged for Failing to Supervise Sales of Risky Investments Posted on Friday, February 27, 2015 at 12:42 PM From the Desk of Jim Eccleston at Eccleston Law Offices: FINRA has accused World Equity Group, an Illinois based brokerage firm, of failing to supervise the sale of non-traditional Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), failing to properly document due diligence performed.

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  • Brain Trauma Caused by a Car Accident

    As random as car accidents can be, so are the extent of the injuries that they inflict. While one driver is able to walk away with nothing more than a bruise, another driver could be left in a state where life support is needed to keep their body functioning. If your loved one is on life support because of injuries from a car accident, talk with a St.

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  • The Debt Relief “Big Picture”

    When it comes to eliminating debt, there are really only three broad strategies from which to choose. If you are struggling with debt problems, you should consider the “big picture” as you try to intelligently assess your options. Looking at the “big picture” will help you either solve your problems or prepare you to consult with a competent debt relief attorney.

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