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  • Scaffolding Worker Electrocuted Outside Lizard Lounge

    DALLAS, TX — A construction worker was killed after coming into contact with an overhead power line outside The Lizard Lounge nightclub in Deep Ellum on Wednesday afternoon. Dallas Fire-Rescue at the Scene (Credit: Dallas News) Dallas Fire-Rescue was called to 2424 Swiss Avenue at around 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday (01/10/2018) in response to a report of an injured worker.

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  • 2017 Brake Safety Day Testing Results Reveals Many Violations

    Every year, thousands of vehicles with faulty braking systems remain on the road without the awareness of drivers. Faulty braking systems contribute to an increased number of auto accidents, including rear-end collisions and fatalities in dangerous or unsafe driving conditions. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA), a coalition of industry representatives and local, sta ...

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  • Precautions that Can Help Seniors Avoid a Car Accident

    You have options to decrease the chances of being in a car accident if you are a senior. Although it might seem like discrimination, there are reasons that senior citizens face extra scrutiny when they have their license renewed or restricted. Things like slower reaction time and diminished visual acuity are reasons that some elderly people might be more prone to having a car accident.

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  • Tricks Played by Car Insurance Companies

    There are many tactics that car insurance companies will use to try to coerce you or confuse you. Dealing with an insurance company can be very complex, especially if you assume that they have your best interests at heart. When you are in a car accident in Missouri, the company’s main goal is not to make sure that you are fully taken care of and get all that you need to heal an ...

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  • It Might Be Time for a Chapter 13

    One of the most common ways to pay off accumulated medical bills and credit card debt is to take a home equity line of credit, or HELOC, on your home. According to a recent CNBC article by Diana Olick, homeowners are sitting on trillions of dollars in cash. How Is This Possible? In the third quarter of 2017, the amount of equity homeowners reached was at an all-time high of $5.5 trillion.

    Bond and Botes- 10 readers -
  • Motorcycles Cause 5 Times More Fatalities than Car Accidents

    According to a recent post in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, motorcycle accidents now account for five times as many fatalities as car crashes do. Survivors of these accidents require medical care that is six times higher than the medical costs of those who survive car wrecks. These facts highlight how dangerous it can be to drive a motorcycle, calling to attention t ...

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  • Tips for Dealing With an Ex Who is a Bully During Divorce

    One of the hardest situations to deal with during a divorce is an overly aggressive ex. It can be frustrating, intimidating, and frightening to deal with an ex who turns out to be a bully. Here are a few tips to help better handle these situations. Dealing with an ex who is a bully during a divorce can place you in a impossible situation, because often you are forced to eith ...

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  • Richard Johnson Speaks at HRD Employment Law Masterclass (March 2018)

    Panel: Balancing empathy with risk mitigation: Mental health and the disciplinary process March 5th, 2018 Vancouver Convention Centre 1:45 pm Employers face a plethora of legal risks and responsibilities when disciplining employees who have mental illnesses. Obligations arise under common law, collective agreements, human rights, occupational health and safety, and workers’ compensation.

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  • Tech Support Fraudsters to Pay

    A federal court ordered that the assets of the operators of an alleged tech support scam be used to reimburse consumers who lost money to the defendants’ scheme. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania agreed with the FTC, the State of Connecticut, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that the money held by a court-ordered receiver was acquired by the ...

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